Macom® compression bras

Macom® Compression Bras - The No.1 support for your post-surgery recovery.


Get your post-surgery compression bra direct from Transform to give your new breasts the comfort they need during your recovery.

Our care and commitment to you doesn’t end once your breast surgery procedure is over. We’ll continue to help you recover as quickly as possible and achieve the best possible results from your procedure.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Macom®, global leaders in surgery recovery wear, to offer post-surgery compression bras to all our breast surgery patients.



What is a Macom® bra?

Macom® is the leading provider of compression garments to the UK’s cosmetic surgeons. We offer a range of compression bras that are designed to help you recover from your breast augmentation surgery by providing stability and protection as your body heals and adjusts to the new weight and feel of your breasts.

Why did we choose to use Macom® bras? Because they’re specifically designed with your breast surgery recovery in mind, featuring expandable cups, adjustable frontal closures and no harsh underwiring.

The combination of comfort and the required compression provides the perfect conditions for fast and effective post-surgery healing.

Why do I need a compression bra?

After breast surgery, it’s important to give your body the best aftercare possible so that you have the best opportunity to heal properly and achieve the best results.

Compression treatment has three main benefits: improving your blood circulation, minimising swelling, and stabilising your new breast implants. As you gradually get back to your normal day-to-day life, Macom® bras help you work towards full recovery.

Compression also improves skin recovery and helps to reduce the likelihood of any common post-surgery complications by maintaining a consistent external pressure on deep tissues. Your Macom® bra provides your skin with what it needs to heal in full, helping you to avoid any unwanted sagging and creases.

Most cosmetic surgeons, clinics and hospitals encourage anyone having a boob job to wear compression garments in the days and weeks after their surgery. At Transform, we recommend all of our breast augmentation patients wear their post-surgical bra for at least six weeks following their procedure.

Does compression treatment help with anything else?

Yes. As well as minimising swelling and improving blood circulation, wearing a Macom® post-surgery bra can also help to reduce bruising and provide you with targeted support as you adjust to life with your gorgeous new breasts.


How comfortable is a compression bra?

In the days after your surgery, you’ll be tender and less able to move freely – which is why front-closing bras are so popular. As you’ll also be wearing the bra for an extended period of time, you can rest assured that all Macom® products are designed and manufactured with comfort as a priority.

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