Meet Shaunie Blackburn

Shaunie Blackburn

Shaunie, 21 years old, from Leeds, had an open rhinoplasty with Transform..”I looked into it when I was about 20, came to Transform and spoke to an advisor. Then I waited a year and came back. I think most people didn’t think I would get it done. They were apprehensive at first but, because they knew how much I wanted it, they were really supportive.

“Transform were the friendliest people I could have found. I went and visited a few surgeons and a few hospital groups, but Transform seemed to have the most qualified surgeons. And they were just so lovely, so welcoming, they let me think about everything. They’re really good people.

I first came and saw a surgeon in 2015. Then I waited a year to mull it over. I came back in 2016, spoke again, but I was pretty much set on wanting the surgery. I then had the surgery done a couple of months later. I went to Transform’s hospital and it was just lovely, fantastic service and really friendly staff.

I remember going in for surgery, I wasn’t too nervous because I was just so excited to get it done, and then it was over in a split second. I woke up with barely any pain and it was very exciting. The nose splint was a little bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s something you get used to. More than anything, I was very swollen, but not that bruised, so it was okay.

When I came back to Transform for the splint to be taken off my nose, it was a life changing kind of moment. You are handed the mirror and, looking into it, it almost doesn’t look like you, but it does. It was everything you dream of, it’s overwhelming."

Given how confident I feel about my nose now, I would definitely recommend Transform to my friends and family, and anybody else who asks me


The biggest difference the rhinoplasty has made is how much more confident I feel just looking in the mirror. I think you can go through everyday life just not really looking at yourself. I was never comfortable, I was always trying to contour my nose and try different make up, different angles of the camera. So it’s just that moment of being happy with yourself and feeling confident when you’re walking down a street when you don’t have any make up on, it’s very life changing.

The advice I would give anybody considering it would be to really look around, do lots of research, speak to many different surgeons, get different opinions, because every surgeon has a different technique or a different thing they’d like to do but if you really want it, go for it. Given how confident I feel about my nose now, I would definitely recommend Transform to my friends and family, and anybody else who asks me.”


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