30 November 2020

10 reasons why you might have a boob job

Do I need a boob job?

When you hear the words ‘boob job,’ chances are that you will probably be thinking about a breast enlargement or augmentation. Although it’s true to say that this is our most popular cosmetic procedure, there are many different types of breast surgery including breast uplift, reduction and re-augmentation (even nipple correction surgery) along with a plethora of reasons why so many women chose to have breast surgery each and every year.

Whether you’ve always wanted larger breasts or you are simply unhappy with how your body has changed for a number of reasons namely weight loss, pregnancy or ageing, everyone has their own reasons why they choose to have a boob job…

Here are our top 10 reasons why you may choose to have a boob job:

1. You’ve always wanted bigger boobs

It might not come as a surprise that our most popular type of breast surgery is an enlargement or augmentation. This being said, many of our customers simply want to increase their chest size as they may naturally have very little breast tissue or they just want to go bigger to feel confident in themselves and their appearance.

Breast surgery for you: Breast enlargement

2. Your breasts are flatter after losing weight

If you have lost a large amount of weight particularly in a relatively short space of time and your breasts appear to have dropped this will be because the surrounding skin will have stretched and as a result, may lack the elasticity it had before. 

Breast surgery for you: Breast uplift with implants

3. You want a more youthful look

As a result of natural ageing, it is a fact of life that our breasts aren’t the perky pair they were when we were eighteen. If you don’t feel confident without a bra and want to address drooping or sagging breasts then you may have thought about an uplift.

Breast surgery for you: Breast uplift with or without implants

4. You had your boob job over 10 years ago

Although breast implants don’t have a specific lifespan as such, many of our customers tend to have them replaced after around 10 years.

Often called a ‘second boob job’ – a re-augmentation involves removing your original implants, and any scar tissue, then replacing them with new ones which can be a new type of implant, shape and size.

Breast surgery for you: Breast implant removal and re-augmentation

5. You wish that you’d chosen different implants

Sometimes we may simply wish to change the look and feel of our current implants, this could be the shape or the size of your breasts. For instance, if you initially chose high profile, round implants and thinking on, you may now prefer a more natural look.

Breast surgery for you: Breast implant removal and re-augmentation 

6. Your breasts aren’t symmetrical

Sometimes a boob job is thought of as a corrective measure rather than a purely aesthetic one. This is certainly the case if you have asymmetrical boobs where one of the girls is noticeable larger than the other.

Disclaimer: Let us repeat the mantra ‘all boobs are sisters, not twins.’ We agree that it is completely normal to have one slightly bigger breast however if it is a particularly noticeable difference that you would like correcting, we are here to help.

Breast surgery for you: Breast enlargement

7. You’ve already had a boob job but want to go bigger

As a responsible provider, we must be confident that breast surgery is the right decision for you. Ultimately, it is your decision but our expert surgeons will always advise that the implants you choose are in proportion with your frame.

Breast surgery for you: Breast implant removal and re-augmentation

8. You want your clothes to fit better

Many of our breast reduction customers have thought about having this surgery for years especially if they have hidden very large boobs in loose and unflattering clothing. Shopping for lingerie that fits and support you is often a difficult task if you don’t fit into conventional cup sizes – so being able to shop more freely is something that you will experience after having a reduction.

Breast surgery for you: Breast reduction

9. Your breasts are heavy and painful

Equally, our breast reduction customers often tell us that a large and heavy chest can bring about a number of issues including back pain and difficulty exercising –

taking the weight off your chest can be freeing!

Breast surgery for you: Breast reduction

10. Your breasts have lost volume after breastfeeding

When becoming a mum, it’s fair to say that your body goes through a lot of changes and as a result, your breasts might not be the same as they were pre-baby, especially if you have breastfed. If you feel as though your boobs have dropped, your nipples are facing downwards or they lack fullness then you might have considered a breast lift.

Breast surgery for you: Breast uplift with or without implants

Whether you are thinking about a breast enlargement, reduction, uplift or a reaugmentation- we are always here to help you achieve your goals. When you come to us at Transform, the entire experience is designed around you and your needs. We’ll listen carefully to your aspirations for being the best you, and you’ll receive all the advice and support you need throughout your journey with us.



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