30 October 2020

Your pre-boob job wish list

What to buy before a boob job

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery is an exciting time, but what should you take with you? We’ve come up with a little list of essentials to get you going.

#1 Maternity pillow

Pillows are the holy grail of post-operative care! Most patients choose `V`or `U` shaped pillows or foam wedges to keep the body propped up. Blogger Danielle Grieve, who had surgery with us at Transform, says: “Not only will you need this for sitting up straight when recovering, but it also makes a great pillow for spooning with later on!” You’ll spend a lot of time lying on your back, so using a pillow to wedge between your knees will ease the pressure, too.

#2 Cosy nightwear

There’s nothing better than snuggling up in some warm and fluffy PJs, especially when your body is in need of nurturing. Packing layers is key- so chuck in a few pairs of thick socks, slippers, a big slouchy hoodie, and some oversized pyjamas to wash & wear. Opt for button-down tops or zip-ups, as you will be able to ease them off when your breasts are sore. Pinch your partner’s cotton work shirt for maximum comfort (he won’t mind...)

#3 Your macom bra

Although you’ll have to wait a few months to wear pretty, underwire bras- you can get excited about your new cup size by choosing a bra by macom compression garments to aid your breasts through the recovery period. These special post-surgical compression bras are designed to keep your implants secure and supported during the healing process, usually for up to 6 weeks, until the swelling subsides. Your results won’t be fully visible until your breasts are sitting in a normal bra, so bear this in mind when your compression garment is on.

#4 An aftercare plan 

This one can’t be added to your shopping list, but you can make sure you are really comfortable around your surgeon and nurses before the big day. Whether they are handing you a TV remote or giving you pain relief, your nurses will be looking after you from when you fall asleep to when you wake up (and with a smile!). The care provided by your medical team doesn’t stop when you are discharged from the hospital, so look into your aftercare plan to check you’ve got the right support waiting for you after surgery. At Transform, we offer a 3-year aftercare plan inclusive of your breast surgery, which includes pre and post-operative care.

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#5 Creams and potions

You’ll spend a lot of time thinking about pain relief, dressings and other essential post-op medications, so you might overlook everyday beauty products that will make you feel heaps better. Don’t underestimate the power of a pack of baby wipes and a good moisturiser, along with lip balm and bio oil to keep your skin nice and hydrated. With nail varnish and make-up being off-limits during cosmetic surgery, you’ll want something to freshen up with afterwards! Always check with your surgeon as to which products you can use on your breasts post-surgery, though.

#6 Subscribe to Netflix

Pre-occupying your mind after surgery will ensure you relax as recommended, without getting irritable or bored. Most hospitals come with a TV in the room, but compiling a list of series and movies to watch on Netflix will give you something to look forward to while you’re snuggled up with your `V` pillow.

#7 Treat yourself to a diary

Many patients write down their thoughts and feelings before surgery, and often they document their post-operative journey, too. Filling in a diary will allow you to create a log of questions you want to ask, and snippets of information you’ve learnt along the way. The cosmetic surgery industry is becoming widely accepted and more open, so others will benefit from hearing your story if blogging and filming videos is something you’d turn a hand to! Having a boob job is a big step for most women, so take every moment in, enjoy it, and jot those memories down.

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