05 March 2021

5 things to consider when choosing your cosmetic surgery provider

Choosing to have any type of cosmetic surgery is usually the result of a lot of thought and consideration as well as being a deeply personal choice.

It’s important to invest the same amount of care and time into researching the procedure itself as you do into which provider you choose. Here is our guide to choosing the best cosmetic surgery provider for you:

1.  Qualifications and experience

Cosmetic surgeons have qualifications and certificates that are mandatory, such as being GMC (General Medical Council) accredited. Great cosmetic surgeons will have completed extended training in their field, contributed to educational studies or reports, and might even volunteer abroad.

So, when evaluating the level of expertise on offer, it’s important to research the qualifications and medical accreditations that the cosmetic surgery provider and it’s surgeons have accumulated. Checking these credentials against recognised industry standards and awards provides an assurance that there is substance behind any claims they make.

At Transform, our fully qualified surgeons have a license to practise with the General Medical Council (GMC) and carry out hundreds of cosmetic surgery procedures each year. To maintain the highest standards of care, we review our surgeons’ work every three months. So, you can be confident in the knowledge that your surgeon has a high level of experience and expertise.

2.  Recommendations and testimonials

Another way to pick a cosmetic surgery provider with confidence is to look at reviews especially from past patients and reading about their experiences. This means finding recommendations and personal testimonials, which show a high level of satisfaction with the outcomes and the patient care provided.

There are digital platforms which help you research this online. For example, here at Transform, our website displays TrustPilot reviews, widely considered to be a leader in providing fair ratings for different organisations.

One of the most important UK measures of any medical establishment is the QCQ (Care Quality Commission). This impartial national body regularly checks that health and social care organisations adhere to high standards of patient care, safety and satisfaction. Our private hospitals and network of clinics were also amongst the first UK cosmetic surgery providers to secure a review under the CQC’s new rating system.

3.  Cheapest is rarely best!

The growth in overseas providers offering low-cost cosmetic procedures can often present a compelling argument, as even with your travel costs and accommodation they can seem much cheaper than staying in the UK.

Whilst cosmetic surgery abroad comes with a reduced price, is there also a reduced service?  Different countries will have different regulations that their hospitals will need to meet. Without a universal set of regulations to meet, how can you be sure that the hospital you will be attending abroad is clean and safe? There are many hospitals and clinics abroad that are incredibly safe and deliver excellent levels of care. But, the point to take home is that you should do plenty of research to ensure that this is true of the cosmetic provider you decide to go with.

It is also worth noting that for any major operation like breast surgery or a nose job, they all require you to take at least two weeks off work and prevent you from flying short-haul for at least two weeks and six weeks for long-haul.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t compare fees charged for procedures though. When comparing relative costs, make sure you always compare like-with-like. As part of your research, it’s important to look carefully at what the fees for cosmetic surgery cover. This will ensure that you don’t eventually face additional and unexpected charges.

If cost is a key consideration for you, you may wish to consider a provider which gives a clear costing upon consultation, is competitively priced for their field of expertise, and includes all the services and support you need in one transparent fee.

4.  Clinical facilities and aftercare

We would always advise you to ensure that you make a personal visit to any cosmetic surgery providers you are considering so you can get a feel for the hospital as well as being able to see where the procedure itself will be taking place – this isn’t always possible with overseas surgery. It also provides an opportunity to see how comfortable the organisation makes you feel, and the standards of the facilities.

Being within easy travelling distance of your cosmetic surgery provider can be important to your aftercare too. If you need follow-up appointments, then reasonable proximity makes the whole process far easier.

Your care is just as important after surgery as it is during surgery. For that reason, Transform, as part of any surgical procedure include a three-year aftercare package for added reassurance and peace of mind. This includes your post-operative appointments with your nurse and surgeon, access to a 24-hour support line and re-admission in the unlikely event that you experience clinical complications and your surgeon agrees further surgery is appropriate.

5.   Developing a personal connection

To trust your surgeon, you should feel safe and comfortable, with the knowledge they are telling you everything you need to know. Your consultations are an opportunity to find out more about the provider, the surgeon and the procedure – it is not a sales pitch and you should be under no obligation to either pay a deposit or book a surgery date. If you feel pressured or dismissed in any way, it’s time to rethink your cosmetic surgery provider.  

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