30 November 2020

6 ways to get rid of underboob sweat

The sun is beating down, your new boobies are finally recovered, and your summer wardrobe is waiting. There’s no denying this is the season to show your assets in all their augmented glory. But what about underboob sweat?

It’s only natural you’re going to get sweat in all the nooks and crannies of your boobs, especially now they are bigger and heavier. Underboob sweat encourages chafing, sweat patches, and general discomfort when you are rocking big boobs in summer- but there are things you can do to help. Here are just 6 ways to deal with underboob sweat. 

1. Treat your baps like a baby

Just like baby soft skin, newly augmented boobs need to be looked after. Be sure to pack supplies when you are taking a trip out in the heat- think baby powder, sensitive wipes, and body lotion. Most baby products come in travel-size bottles, so you’re not left lugging a heavy bag around all day (which won’t help your sweaty boobs!). Be careful not to rub and wipe too much, especially around your scar tissue. 

2. Choose your bra wisely

Opting for the right bra can make a big difference! Always opt for cotton if you can, which is breathable and will absorb sweat quickly and discreetly. If you can get away with wearing a sports bra with your outfit, then take full advantage- they are made to hold sticky boobs after all. Sports bras are also a great alternative to a post-surgical compression bra, particularly if you are in the final days of recovery or if your boobs are newly healed. Top tip? Avoid bandeau bras or any style which squishes your boobs together. 

3. Prepare for a wardrobe change

If you are going to be out all day, always pack a fresh cotton top to change into. It goes without saying that light coloured tops work best in hot weather, but as we know sweat patches will be more visible. Got a sweat patch in a light coloured tee? No problem, switch it over. If you’re on the beach, always be mindful to shield your scars from direct sunlight with a pretty cover-up, a floppy hat or even a parasol to protect those puppies. 

4. Keep your cleavage cool

If frequent wardrobe changes and overflowing laundry baskets is your idea of hell, then focus on keeping your breasts cool throughout the day. Investing in cheap facecloths to pad yourself down with should do the trick- along with a small gym towel. Be careful not to use any products that could aggravate your scarring, though!

5. Invest in a hand-held fan

Stop sweat in its tracks with a portable fan. Battery operated, re-chargeable or manual- you won’t see us discriminating. Get that fan powered up and point it at your breasts for some carefree cooling on the go. 

6. Get creative with panty liners 

It sounds gross, but if you’re having serious boob sweat, then you can try slotting panty liners into your bra. If you’re finding this uncomfortable, you can buy specially made boob pads to soak it all up. Always remember to take your top off and air your boobs out as soon as you get home- especially if you have extra padding pressing against them all day!



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