30 October 2020

Can I go on holiday after a boob job?

How to take care of your boob job on holiday 

Summer is almost here and you may have plans to go on holiday after your boob job. We understand that you can’t wait to show off your new assets but remember that factors such as flying long haul, soaking up the sun and swimming in a pool can affect your recovery in those important post-op weeks.

Here are the 8 things you need to think about first to make sure you get the best results from your boob job.

1. Fly short-haul over long

When it comes to flying after surgery, usually it’s best to wait 2 weeks post-op to fly short-haul, and 6 weeks to fly long-haul. It’s always best to ask your surgeon for advice before you go away if you’re not sure. P.s. Your boobs WILL NOT explode if you board a plane. 

If you are looking to quicken your boob job recovery, then Hilotherapy could be something to consider. This is a natural way to promote faster healing and helping you return to your day-to-day life as soon as possible.

2. Opt for relaxation over adventure 

Following your boob job, you may find a relaxing weekend to be more comfortable and enjoyable than an outdoor adventure holiday. Remember that swimming, doing water activities, climbing, anything involving raising your arms above your head, high energy or high-impact activities might not be suitable. 

It is vital that you listen to your body and take it slow after having any form of surgery. Even if you feel like you’re back to your normal self, your breasts might not be ready for the impact. Lifting, running and stretching too soon can extend your recovery period and might also put the results of your boob job in jeopardy. 

3. Sunbathe responsibly 

If you are going somewhere hot and sunny then your breasts should be protected from those UV rays as much as possible. We’re not saying you should miss out on all the sun, but make sure your boobs are covered and lathered up with some good old SPF, paying attention to your scars. Be especially careful to keep your incision scars out of the sun to avoid discolouring and hyperpigmentation (where scars may darken or change colour). 

4. Avoid the sunbeds

Getting started on your tan before you go away? We’d recommend that you use sunbeds with caution if you are still recovering from a boob job. Just like sunbathing, sunbeds can introduce a risk of hyperpigmentation and discoloration if the surgical scars are exposed. Your surgeon will be able to offer you further guidance, but as a rule, don’t go topless. If you want to use sunbeds soon after recovery, you should aim to protect the entire breast. Use a good SPF sun cream, and pay attention to your scars when layering up. Top tip? Layer plasters over your scars. Most importantly, make sure you wait 6-8 weeks post-surgery or ask your surgeon for advice beforehand. Read more about the dos and don'ts of breast surgery

5. Steer clear of Jacuzzis and communal pools 

If you decide to go on holiday during your recovery period, it is best to avoid Jacuzzis, hot tubs and swimming pools. It is important to keep your wounds dry, and dipping in and out of communal pools can increase the risk of infection. Dipping your toes into a pool while reading a book is OK, as long as you don’t get thrown in!

6. Keep your boobs supported

If you are 6-8 weeks post-op, you’ll need to go easy on the exercise and you might still require the support of your post-surgical compression bra. This is totally normal. Be sure not to go topless when sunbathing for at least six weeks after your breast surgery because your breasts need time to recover, and you also need to be careful not to aggravate your scars during those important first few weeks post-surgery.

7. Choose the right swimwear style 

Even if you’ve been wearing your post-surgical compression bra for 6 weeks, you may need to wait longer until you can wear underwired and push up swimwear styles, everyone is different so it all depends on how long it takes for your scars to heal. Bear in mind that underwired bikini styles can rub on scars, aggravating them. Choose soft, comfortable and supportive styles whilst you are recovering- it takes time for your body to heal but don’t worry you will be sporting more fashion forward styles sooner than you think!

8. Go easy on the poolside cocktails

If you are going on holiday during your post-operative recovery period, you will need to think about how much alcohol you will be consuming. Always follow the advice of your expert surgeon when drinking alcohol before and after surgery. We know you are looking forward to giving your boobs a night out, but you need to think about your body’s overall health first and foremost.

At Transform, each year we guide thousands of women through breast augmentation surgery. Our expert surgeons, nurses, and patient advisors are dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We’re always ready to answer your questions, no matter how big or small.



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