04 November 2020

How should I prepare for my surgery day?

Preparing for surgery

Whatever procedure it might be, many of our customers tell us that preparing for their cosmetic surgery procedure is a really exciting time especially if it is something that they have been looking forward too for a while and can’t quite believe it is finally happening!

But before you get lost in a sea of before and after transformations, as you start to think about what your results might look like, it’s important that you also take the time to take care of the admin first. In this blog, we are answering your questions when it comes to organising childcare, booking time off work and even which beauty treatments you should avoid in the run-up to your procedure.

Here are our top tips of things you should prepare before your surgery day:

1. First thing’s first ladies, you will need to remove the following before your procedure with us:

    • Nail polish and nail extensions – to be removed completely or if you really must keep them on, be sure to leave 2 clear nails on each hand.  This is due to the equipment in theatre which is used to check your oxygen levels and it doesn’t give an accurate reading if you have nail polish or extensions on


    • Fake tan – to be removed from the operation site in order to avoid any risks of infection should the tan get into the wound


    • Hair extensions – should be removed if they contain metal. We know that this may seem like a pain but don’t worry it’ll be worth it once you see your final results


    • Makeup – to be removed as we need to see your complexion to make sure you are okay throughout your procedure


    • Piercings – to all be removed but if it is a dermal piercing and unable to be removed, as long as it is not close to operation site then your surgeon might allow this to be taped


    • Jewellery to be removed – The reason for all metal to be removed or taped is due to diathermy used in theatre to cauterise the blood vessels – if this comes in contact with metal it will burn the patient


  • Eyelash extensions – this includes strip lashes and semi perms, they should both be removed because they can fall off and go into the wound

2. If you smoke, then you must be prepared to stop up to 6 weeks prior to surgery. Your doctor or surgeon will discuss the exact period of time you must stop for at your consultation with them and it is important that you follow their advice, as your procedure may have to be cancelled if you do not.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you smoke then your wound healing is likely to be slower due to poor circulation and you can risk your surgery being cancelled if you do not adhere to this guideline, so it’s just not worth it.

3. It’s probably not surprising that you shouldn’t touch any alcohol for 48 hours prior to having your surgery, but it may seem more random that the same rule also applies to garlic.

4. Make sure that you don’t take any herbal tablets, vitamins or dietary supplements for two weeks prior to surgery as this could have an effect on your recovery. This also applies to aspirin or medication containing aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs unless specifically agreed by the Transform Clinical Team.

5. Plan ahead and make sure that you book the relevant time required off work, this can vary between procedures but on average we usually recommend taking 10 to 14 days to rest and recover at home but this will depend upon the nature of your job. If you are job is particularly strenuous and involves manual labour or heavy lifting then we would recommend taking longer before returning to work, your surgeon will be able to advise you on this specifically.

6. If you have young children, you may need help from family or friends. For example, if you are thinking about having a breast enlargement then you might want to consider that lifting your child following surgery can be painful at first and should be avoided, so you will definitely need some help at home in those all-important few weeks following surgery.

7. We would advise that you should inform your GP about your planned surgery as they are responsible for your day to day healthcare. Although if you wish to keep your procedure private then you have every right to do so.

8. Be sure to arrange your transport to the hospital and back home again as you will not be able to drive following your procedure. Here at Transform, we can help arrange this for you if necessary.

9. If you are staying with us at one of our dedicated hospitals, you will need to prepare an overnight bag to take with you. Be sure to read your pre-operative instruction sheet which will help prepare you for the operation as well as suggesting what to bring along with you.

Get a head start on packing by reading our pre-boob job wish list blog for advice on what to pack from pillows and diaries to creams and lotions.

10. Make sure you inform your clinic nurse or patient advisor if you feel ill, have a cold or flu or any other signs of an infection prior to surgery.

11. Bear in mind that it is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant – so if you are planning to extend your family, you will need to speak to your patient advisor about delaying your surgery if this is the case.

12. Last but not least, please remember that you can contact your Patient Advisor at any time if you need any help or advice before or after your surgery.

Been thinking about cosmetic surgery for a while?

Come and see us for a free consultation where you’ll be able to talk in detail with your surgeon about the results you want to achieve, and they’ll work with you to choose the right procedure for you and your body.

You can see for yourself the results that other patients have achieved and the difference it’s made for them.



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