04 November 2020

Trending: Jawline fillers

Whilst makeup, in general, has taken a serious leap in recent years – we’re talking contouring, strobing and the rise of beauty vloggers and makeup gurus, it has meant that it’s never been easier to up our makeup game and look our best.

But even when painstakingly following tutorial after tutorial, there’s only so much that contour powder and a good set of brushes can do especially as we get that little bit older. Sometimes we want more visible and longer-lasting results… which is where jawline contouring using dermal fillers comes in.

What are jawline fillers and what are they used for?

The beauty of dermal fillers is that they are so versatile – far more than simply a lip plumper… fillers can be used for everything from lifting the brows to adding fullness to the cheeks.

We’ll say it, fillers are nothing new. Although it’s only been in recent years that lip fillers have really burst onto the scene, took over our Instagram feeds and practically become a mainstream treatment. But it is the jawline which is the new treatment area of choice.

Whilst they might be the blogger’s best-kept secret, for now, jawline fillers are making serious waves within the beauty glitterati and are set to be big news in 2019. These are the main concerns which jawline fillers can address:

1. Anti-ageing

Treatment time: 60 minutes

As one of our medical aesthetics packages, our Lift ME package is perfect is you want to restore and revitalise your look. This is specifically to overcome the signs of ageing that can leave you looking tired or sad, and less like how you feel inside.
In this package, 4mls of Juvéderm Vycross fillers are expertly applied to both the cheeks and jawline to reduce the appearance of jowls as well as lifting and projecting the cheeks for a less harsh and more youthful look.

2.  Male jawline contouring

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Jawline fillers are becoming more and more requested amongst our male clients opting for the Redefine Me package to achieve the sharper and more chiselled look that they’ve always wanted. This is achieved by subtly redefining the chin and jawline, using 4mls of dermal fillers from the premium Juvéderm Vycross range.

3. Female jawline contouring

Set to be one of the hottest Instagram trends of the year ahead, jawline contouring is all about sculpting, redefining and adding shape to your face. It’s important to bear in mind that if you come in for jawline fillers with your best gal pal, you won’t necessarily achieve the same look. Results will vary as it depends on your facial architecture and bone structure and what you are hoping to achieve.

What are the benefits of having jawline fillers?

    •   Non-surgical treatment
    •   Long-lasting results
    •   No downtime – you can carry on with your day as normal
    • Short treatment time – under an hour
    • They are suitable for both men and women

All injectable treatments at Transform clinics are only ever performed by a Doctor or Nurse Prescriber in a clinical environment.

How much do jawline fillers cost?

To give you an idea of the cost of having jawline fillers, this treatment starts from £290 for 1ml of dermal fillers. However, in general, for the jawline, we would use the premium Juvéderm Vycross range where prices for these would start from £350 for 1ml.

In a free consultation with one of our medical aesthetics experts, we can put together a personalised treatment plan for you so that we can achieve the look you want.



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