30 November 2020

A guide to buying boobs

Has your partner been dropping subtle hints towards a boob job? If you know that they have always wanted a fuller cleavage or have simply lost the volume they once had due to breastfeeding and have spoken about a breast uplift for years – then a boob job fund could be the present for them.

Whilst failsafe choices like Victoria’s Secret underwear and Chanel perfume don’t go amiss, here is some undercover research you should do first if you are thinking about surprising them with the gift of boobs this December 25th:

1. Double-check: Is a boob job definitely what they want?

Choosing to augment your body and undergo surgery is a very personal decision that many women choose for different reasons…

Our best advice is to always make sure your girlfriend, wife or partner is 100% sure that they want to go ahead with the procedure and are doing it for themselves only and nobody else.

Any type of cosmetic surgery is a serious undertaking which requires time for thought and research in order to really make an informed decision that is right for them and their body. So, if they haven’t mentioned breast surgery before, our best guess is that this probably won’t be the right gesture for them.

2. Can they get time off to recover?

Breast enlargement surgery takes at least 1-2 weeks to recover from, but this can be longer for breast uplift and reduction procedures. If your partner has a busy, demanding or active job, make sure they can take time off before progressing with their present.

Winter is often considered the best time to have cosmetic surgery when it comes to aftercare – as the slower season means it’s easier to rest, recover and stay indoors and keep incision scars out the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, if your partner wants to keep their breast surgery a secret, then wrapping up warm and layering up in winter coats, blanket scarves and cosy jumpers can keep their new additions under wraps – not to mention they will be recovered by the time summer 2019 rolls around (winner!). 

3. Are they definitely ready for surgery?

Before having their breast surgery, your partner will have a number of consultations to make sure they are a suitable candidate. If they have any health concerns or if they are currently pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing other changes to their body- surgery may not be an option right now. Even if they’ve wanted breast surgery for a long time, it’s important that they are both emotionally and physically ready to undergo a surgical procedure.

4. Pick a finance option to suit you

Although gifting boobs is a big gesture, it’s doesn’t have to be expensive. Here at Transform, we have all kinds of finance options to make paying for breast surgery more affordable than you might think. In fact, you can even take out finance on behalf of your partner.

So whether you decide to pay for the procedure upfront, take advantage of our 0% finance or choose another option, we’re here to help you decide what’s best for your partner’s prezzie.

5. Find out their bra size… present and future

You may already know the answer to this (cheeky!) but make sure you have an idea of your partner’s goals before booking them in for a consultation. The best excuse? That you’re buying them some beautiful lingerie for Christmas.

Thinking about giving the gift of boobs this Christmas?

Why not give us a call and discuss your gift idea with our friendly team who will be happy to answer your initial questions, give you an indication of starting prices and to book a consultation on behalf of your partner.



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