17 November 2020

How much do lip fillers cost?

How much do lip fillers cost?

Lip fillers or lip augmentation is a type of non-surgical procedure which involves adding volume or shape to the lips. Previously a Kylie Jenner staple, lip fillers are becoming increasingly popular for women seeking a more natural boost. There are many types of lip filler; at Transform we use Juvederm fillers including Hydrate, Smile, Ultra, Volift, Volbella, and Voluma.

How much do lip fillers cost in the UK?

Lip fillers typically cost between £250 to £500 per ml, but clinics can charge as much as £1,000. The price depends on many factors such as which type of filler you use, where you get them done and how often you need top-ups. Lip fillers are easy to access in the UK- with dental surgeries and beauty salons providing the treatment alongside their usual services. It’s important to bear in mind that while some offer lip fillers at a cheap price, they may not compare with the quality of well-established, accredited treatment providers. At Transform, our prices start from £290 for 1ml*.

What does the price typically include?

What your lip filler cost includes all depends on which treatment provider you choose, and it’s always worth asking the question of “Are there any additional fees?”. Some providers offer a free, no obligation consultation so you can visit a few and weigh up your options. Typically, the cost of lip fillers at Transform includes:

    • Injector’s fees
    • Lip filler
    • Topical numbing cream
    • Aftercare
    • Review appointment

How often will I need a top-up?

Lip fillers generally last up to 6 months, and in some cases, they can maintain volume and fullness for up to a year. This all depends on the type of filler used, how much you have injected and if you have an active lifestyle. To get further guidance on top-ups, speak to one of our specialists.

What lip filler payment plans are available?

With flexible payment plans available, it’s now easier to get lip fillers and top-ups whenever you need, to maintain your idea of perfect lips. Most treatment providers do not offer payment plans on lip fillers. At Transform, we offer 0% interest free credit for the first 12 months, so you won’t owe us an extra penny if you spread the cost over one year. Until the end of January, our minimum loan amount is falling from £1,000 to £250- meaning you can enjoy access to finance for lip fillers costing over £325.

Here’s an example:

    • Full treatment price – £325
    • Pay a deposit – 20% = £65
    • Outstanding balance – £260
    • 12 x monthly repayments with 0% interest – £21.60 per month

Although this a rough guide to the cost of lip fillers, we like to see each customer for a free consultation before we can advise on prices. Following your consultation, you will be paired with your own Patient Advisor who will provide a more detailed overview about the pricing of your lip fillers, and what the next steps will be.



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