29 October 2020

How much does a boob job cost?

Boob job costs & pricing 

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure which involves altering the size, shape, or position of the breasts. Thousands of women opt for breast surgery each year, making it one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the UK. Breast enlargement, breast reduction, and breast uplift are common procedures within breast surgery, and are all lovingly referred to as `boob jobs`.

How much does breast surgery cost in the UK?

Boob job prices in the UK start from £4,300 and increase to over £6,000. The price depends on a number of factors including the size and type of breast implants you want, the surgeon you use and the surgical provider you go for. It’s important to bear all of these factors in mind when planning your boob job, without being tempted to make a quick decision based on price alone. At Transform, our prices start from £5,990*

Which procedures do you offer at Transform?

At Transform we offer the following surgical procedures.

Breast enlargement
Breast enlargement procedures are one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgeries in the UK. At Transform, our breast enlargement prices start from £5,990*; however, each individual’s procedure is different and will be tailored specifically around your needs. Find out more here

Breast reduction
A breast reduction procedure can help women with large, oversize or uneven breasts become more comfortable with the size of their breasts. Each customer has different needs and requirements, which means that costs for breast reductions can vary at Transform. This is why our face-to-face consultations are so important.
Find out more info here.

Breast uplift
Breast uplift surgery, or simply a ‘boob lift’, aims to reshape the breast to create a more uplifted, youthful appearance. Whilst a breast lift won’t result in larger breasts, they may feel firmer and look more voluminous. Prices vary between customers, however this will be discussed in depth at your one-to-one consultation. Find out more here.

What does the price typically include?

This all depends on which surgical provider you choose for your breast surgery, and it’s always worth asking the question of “Are there any additional fees?” Some providers offer a free, no obligation consultation so you can visit a few and weigh up your options. Typically, the price of breast surgery includes:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anaesthesia
  • Breast implants
  • Overnight stay in a hospital
  • Meals after surgery
  • Pain relief and other associated medication
  • Inclusive aftercare, with the offer of an extended warranty

Transform’s extended aftercare

We know that good, well-rounded aftercare is as important as the surgery itself. That’s why we strive to give our patients the very best, and we listen to your feedback when you tell us what you want. All of our patients are covered by our comprehensive 2-year aftercare programme, which you can choose to extend to 5 years. To learn more about what’s included, click here

What payment options are available?

With flexible payment plans available, it’s now easier to get the boobs you’ve always dreamed of. Most surgical providers offer a low APR repayment plan with the option to pay for your boob job on finance over several months to a year. At Transform, we offer 0% APR for the first 12 months, so you’ll pay zero interest if you spread the cost of your breast implant cost treatment over one year.

Here’s an example:

  • If the cost of the procedure were £5,990
  • You could pay a deposit of £500
  • The amount of credit would be £5,990
  • You would then pay 12 monthly instalments of £457.50
  • The rate of interest is 0% per annum fixed, representative 0% APR

There are other payment options available, such as setting up a cosmetic surgery loan or opening up a piggy bank to save for your boob job as and when you want. It’s always best to discuss finance options with providers early on, that way you’ll know which plan is best for you and whether the provider you like offers it.


What our customers say

Danielle Grieve, who had breast enlargement surgery with Transform, said: “I decided to go for the teardrop implant, which cost me £6,300. You are already insured for 3 years but have the chance to pay an extra £200 to get them covered for 7 years on top of that, which to me is a great deal and would be silly not to get it. The cost of my operation was £6,500 altogether”

Our surgeons conduct thousands of boob jobs every year, so we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to paying for surgery. Let’s get the boring bits out of the way so we can focus on helping you to be the best you. To book a consultation with us, click here



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