24 June 2018

Q & A on anti wrinkle treatment: bangonstyle’s Debs Stubbington

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m Debs Stubbington, a 30-something full-time blogger, Instagrammer (@bangonstyle) and photographer. I love to be creative with home and DIY projects as well as being a big fan of high street fashion and a good shopping trip. My true loves are my two Jack Russells, Eddie and Gus.

2. Which non-surgical treatment did you opt for?

I had anti-wrinkle treatment at my local clinic with Transform

3. Which areas did you have treated?

I had three areas treated, two on my forehead and around my eyes also. Previously I had only had the two areas on my forehead treated but I’d been so happy with the results and after advice from my consultant I decided to opt for treating all three areas.

4. What happened on the day?

The welcome at clinic is wonderful and I was made to feel so at ease. My consultant talked me through the procedure and advised me about effects and any side effects etc so I was educated and happy with the procedure. The anti-wrinkle treatment itself took minutes and felt like a series of small scratches on my forehead and outer eye area and my consultant chatted with me the entire time which meant I felt totally relaxed.

5. At which point did you decide to have anti-wrinkle treatment?

I had been thinking about it for a while- but  I was worried my forehead would appear tight and shiny and that I may look unnatural or fake if I had it done. Thanks to the way the anti-wrinkle treatment are done at Transform (the solution is added gradually until the consultant finds the right amount for you, rather than a one amount fits all system) meant I was able to leave with a very natural look and one that I was really happy with. Plus, the follow-up appointment at 2 weeks is a great opportunity to further chat with the consultant about any issues and I really appreciated this option.

6.  Had you had the treatment before?

This was my second time having anti-wrinkle treatment at my local clinic with Transform.


7. Had you tried any treatments before opting for anti-wrinkle treatment?

I had tried all the usual creams and potions but none had really had any effect on a very deep-seated line above my nose and deep forehead wrinkles.

8. How long before the results appeared?

My results developed over five days when I could really notice a difference and then after two weeks, the results had settled to their final result which was a lovely natural look. My forehead was softened, but I still had plenty movement and my eyes were lifted and much more open. I really loved the effects.

9. What would you say to others thinking about anti-wrinkle treatment?

I would always advise people to do their research and be sure before they undertake any kind of procedure but I am so pleased with my results. I have raved to friends about how quick and affordable the treatment can be and how it can look natural too.

10. Do you think there are any misconceptions attached to anti-wrinkle treatment?

Yes, much like I had thought before I had it done, I think people perceive it to leave you looking very unnatural or almost frozen. I would say my results prove this isn’t the case and that anti-wrinkle treatment can achieve a very natural look and one that you wouldn’t immediately perceive as being achieved.

11. How did you choose the provider you went with?

I knew I wanted to go with a well-recognised brand to have my treatment done and Transform is one that I trust. As I said everyone at the Cornhill Clinic I visited was so friendly and helpful and so I can’t imagine myself going anywhere else now. I have also recommended Transform to several of my friends as I company I trust.



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