17 November 2020

Liposuction: Is non-surgical Vaser lipo for you?

Get closer to your body goals with Vaser lipo

Each year, thousands of men and women choose liposuction, making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK. A large proportion of these customers are now opting for non-surgical `Vaser` lipo, mainly because they are attracted to the reduced recovery period, no general anaesthic, minimal bruising, and other benefits. Today, there are more choices than ever – with Vaser lipo proving an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional liposuction procedures.

What is Vaser lipo?

Like traditional liposuction, Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) lipo is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, it helps to sculpt and tone specific areas of the body, working to remove stubborn areas of fat that can often remain despite hours of effort in the gym.

Vaser lipo works by using ultrasound technology to speed up the vibrations in your body’s cells. Your doctor targets the fat cells in the treatment area and over a period of anywhere between one and three hours using the ultrasound technology to break them down. Once the fat cells have broken down into a fluid, a cannula is inserted and the fat is removed.

After just three weeks, the effect of Vaser lipo is likely to show. You’ll need to remain active and eat well afterwards, but the results are clear to see for those who do the right things in the weeks and months after their procedures.


5 reasons to choose Vaser lipo

Traditional liposuction has been around for a long time, so why are so many people now choosing Vaser lipo?

    • Shortened recovery period– with traditional liposuction, most patients need up to two weeks off work and away from all physical activities. But with Vaser lipo, you’re normally able to return to work in just a few days – cutting down your recovery period by more than 50%.
    • Less time in a compression garment– as part of your recovery from traditional liposuction, you generally need to wear a compression garment for six months. But with Vaser lipo, most patients wear compression garments for only two to six weeks.
    • Treat several areas at once– with non-surgical Vaser lipo, you can target several areas of the body during the same procedure, making your investment more cost-effective and cutting the number of treatments you need to sculpt and tone your body to the shape you want.
    • Less impact on the skin– during traditional liposuction, incisions are made in your body and the procedure can lead to bruising, swelling and light damage to the skin surrounding your treatment area. This isn’t the case with non-surgical Vaser lipo, which is gentler on the skin and is minimally invasive.
    • Cheaper than surgical liposuction– any elective procedure comes with a cost, but Vaser lipo is a more affordable alternative to traditional liposuction. So if budget is a concern, then Vaser lipo might be a more appropriate way to work towards your body goals.

Non-surgical Vaser lipo uses a local anaesthetic, so you are awake during the procedure but can’t feel the area being treated. Non-surgical Vaser lipo also has the benefit of being able to be completed on several areas in the same procedure and is regularly used to target ‘love handles’ and fat stores in the tummy, abdomen, back, thighs and arms. Non-surgical liposuction also uses ultrasound technology to break down fat deposits.

Vaser lipo is available at Transform clinics in nationwide.




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