07 December 2022

Lainya's breast augmentation story

Growing up, Lainya struggled with her body confidence due to her breast size, and she often found herself comparing to others.

“I'd felt uncomfortable in my body since high school,” she explains. “My breasts just never seemed to grow, unlike the other girls around me. As I got older, I envied seeing other women dress in form-flattering outfits, showing off their shape." It was then that Lainya decided to make a change.

The one you can rely on

“I had consultations with various providers before choosing to go with Transform. My experience with the Transform team was by far the most informative and comforting, and I had the opportunity to meet with my surgeon, Mr Bhatty, before my procedure. He made me feel very comfortable during my consultation. Meeting my surgeon was a great opportunity to see what my body could look like after the procedure, and get answers to any concerns or queries I had around breast augmentation."

Supporting you each step of the way

Lainya continues, “Everyone in the hospital team was super friendly and supportive on the day of my breast augmentation procedure, especially those who were in my room with me just before my surgery. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

My procedure went ahead without any issues, and I received detailed aftercare guidance to help me during recovery. I also had the option to call or email for any further support.

My post-op check was unfortunately delayed due to COVID. As there were no immediate concerns, though, when I did have a catchup with Mr Bhatty, everything was great!”


You, enhanced

Lainya says that following her procedure her self-esteem has soared. “How I carry myself has massively improved,” she smiles, “and even when I’m wearing bigger, bulkier clothing and my figure isn’t on show, I still feel more comfortable within myself. I love that I can finally get excited about shopping for clothes and underwear!

For the first time in my life, I feel happy showing off my shape. Before my results, I used to feel quite depressed and self-conscious about it – I’ve struggled with my body image for a long time. Now I love every part of me!

These days, I’m comfortable with experimenting with clothing, being in social settings, and dating. Before the procedure, I wouldn’t date or put myself out there in a romantic way because I was embarrassed about needing to explain why I wouldn’t reveal my chest. Now I have the confidence I was lacking!”

And would Lainya recommend breast augmentation surgery? She smiles, “Absolutely - in fact, I already have! It’s done wonders for my confidence, and I feel that I’ve become the best possible version of myself.


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