04 November 2020

How to save for a boob job

Can I afford a boob job?

You’ve been waiting for this moment for years, and nothing is getting in your way now! Now that you’ve made the decision, the first step is to save money for your boob fund. Here are some ways to make sure your ambition of having bigger, smaller or perkier boobs is made into a reality.

1. Cut down on disposable monthly outgoings

  •  Limit yourself to one night out per month, once you’ve accounted for taxis, nightclub entry, drinks and the takeaway on the way home, we are talking serious money. Especially if you take into consideration the prep beforehand, including spray tans, having your makeup professionally applied and of course, a new outfit – it’s more than just the cost of the alcohol that adds up.It’s worth considering weighing up your drinks choices too – if you’re a prosecco and cocktails kind of girl, averaging around £7 a glass or more depending on where you live in the U.K, then choosing a more cost-effective alternative is the best way to go if you’re saving for boobs.
  • The cost of cigarettes can easily equate to a monthly bill such as council tax or utilities, so choosing to cut down or quit altogether can benefit both your purse strings and your general health.
  • Don’t try and keep up with your favourite fashion blogger with monthly ASOS hauls, limit your online shopping binges and try to make more ethical fashion and beauty choices.
  • Keep a record of your monthly beauty treatments and maintenance costs- and think about if you really need them all? For instance, whilst you might be willing to give up lash extensions for a short while, you just can’t do without your regular eyebrow waxing or nail appointments. It’s all about priorities! 

2. Sell pre-loved wardrobe items and unwanted phones & furniture on apps like:

  • Shpock
  • Depop
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace 

3. Take on some extra work

  • Give dog walking a go and start by advertising locally on online forums and community groups on Facebooks- using the extra income towards your own pair of puppies!
  • Let your family and friends know that you are getting serious about saving money and are available for babysitting on evenings and weekends.
  • If you love fashion and photography, why not merge the two and set up an Instagram blog? Whilst it takes a lot of time to grow a following and monetise your social channels by working with brands, you could start by setting up an account on 21 Buttons and Like to Know It and earn a small commission through affiliate links on any sales you have influenced.
  • If you’re feeling thrifty, why not start an Etsy shop? Turn a hobby into a small business and sell your homemade crafts online to grow your boob job fund.

4. Set up a piggy bank and get saving

  • Transfer money into a savings account with your bank – but first, have a think about what method of saving will work for you. Remember that ISA accounts that you can access through online banking and mobile apps gain much less interest than savings accounts that are locked away and you can only access quarterly.
  • Keep a pot in your bedroom for £2 coins, knowing that each time you top it up, you are that one step closer to having a deposit for your new pair of boobies- every little helps.
  • Speak to Transform about a piggy bank scheme so you can start saving for your boobs today. This will help you to budget and feel motivated towards hitting your final goal as you’ll be able to track your progress and see your boobs getting closer!





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