06 April 2021

What I wish I’d known before my boob job surgery

When you’re considering breast enlargement, there are lots of things to think about. You’ll do your research into possible surgeons and the best payment plans available, look at countless ‘before and after’ pictures, and speak to breast augmentation patients about their own experiences. Most of your research will relate to planning for surgery, but what about afterwards? What do you do once your preparation is finished, your dream body is a reality, and it’s time to fall in love with your new breasts?

Like Transform patient Mia, you might be so excited about having your breast augmentation that you haven’t fully thought through your recovery period. She shares her top tips for post-surgery recovery and tells us about what she wishes she’d known before having her boob job.

Wear zip up tops

On the day of my surgery, I wish I’d had the forethought to wear either a zip up hoodie or tie up cardigan! Raising my hands above my head to put on a jumper after the operation was certainly amusing for anyone who was watching my attempts, but it wasn’t overly enjoyable for me!

Be prepared for the extra weight

On the second day after surgery, my new body shape let me know that I’d not been looking after it as I should. I had been walking around with my shoulders hunched and my arms stuck to my sides, so I was very stiff! It was a combination of being unused to the new weight of my implants, being afraid to damage anything, and also the mild post-op pain – I just had to keep reminding myself to try to relax.

Invest in a pregnancy pillow

The first night at home wasn’t as painful as I’d imagined, but I certainly wish I’d bought a nice big V-shaped pregnancy pillow to cradle me! I wouldn’t usually sleep on my back, so this was a big adjustment to make. Anything that makes sleeping more comfortable is a good idea. I also made sure I had a glass of water and painkillers within reaching distance at all times.

Plan your journey home

Although the Transform hospital where I had the operation was so comfortable and I had everything I needed, the trip back home wasn’t quite so relaxing. I wish I’d brought along a pillow and blanket to tuck myself up in on the 100 mile drive home.

Take lots of photos

I’ve been taking pictures of my breasts every week – mainly because I love them so much, but also to monitor the changes. I had no idea how much difference there would be from day 1 to 3 months down the line. They look and feel more natural every day, so if you’ve chosen to go significantly bigger as I did, don’t be alarmed when you wake up after surgery and they’re touching your chin!

And finally…

Make sure you’re having the breast enlargement, or any cosmetic surgery, for you and no one else. Take time to think about it and ensure you’re completely clear about why you want the surgery. I’m so glad I went for it. I feel amazing.

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