09 January 2020

What is SculpSure?

Introducing our newest body contouring treatment…

Available exclusively at our Newcastle clinic, SculpSure is an innovative treatment that can specifically target even the most stubborn pockets of fat on your body – in just 25 minutes! But what exactly is SculpSure and is it right for you? In this blog, we debunk the myths and answer your most frequently asked questions about this fabulous treatment:

What is SculpSure and how does it work?

SculpSure is a scientifically proven, FDA cleared and CE-market treatment system which can contour the body using high temperatures in order to destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells with no downtime and without the need of surgery or invasive procedures.

During your 25 minute treatment, light-based laser technology is used to heats the targeted fat tissue to between 42-47 degrees C, whilst Contact Cooling technology keeps you comfortable.

Most of our customers find the treatment painless and experience a feel a warm or tingling sensation. Over the next three months, your body naturally removes the damaged fat cells destroying up to 24% of the treated fat, using your body’s lymphatic system to eliminate these naturally.

Which areas of the body can be treated with SculpSure?

This treatment is ideal for those stubborn pockets of fat in the belly, love handles, back, thighs and under the chin.

What are the benefits of SculpSure over another body contouring treatment?

    • Treatment performed by a qualified practitioner in a clinical environment
    • FDA cleared and CE-marked technology
    • ‘Lunch hour’ treatment with little downtime
    • Carry on with your day – no recovery period
    • The area can be treated in just 25 minutes!
    • No needles, no surgery and no anaesthetic needed
    • Finance options may be available to spread the cost with flexible payments

Is a SculpSure treatment suited to me?

This is an amazing treatment as is perfect for stubborn pockets of fat particularly around the abdomen and love handles which are often hereditary and can be resistant to even diet and exercise.

It’s important to remember that SculpSure isn’t a weight loss procedure and isn’t necessarily suited to people with a high BMI who are overweight or obese. This treatment is designed for people within a healthy weight range, who need some additional help in order to achieve a sculpted appearance and to hit their body goals of a slim, natural-looking physique.

What results can be achieved with SculpSure?

Don’t sweat it, sculpt it! Hour after hour spent in the gym to shift often unmovable areas of fan can now be treated with SculpSure. Following treatment, you will achieve up to a 24% reduction in the appearance of fat in the chosen area which you’ll start to notice within 6 weeks, allowing up to 12 weeks to see the final results.

What happens at my SculpSure consultation?

At your free consultation, your SculpSure specialist will ask you about the results you want to achieve from the treatment and will ascertain whether it is the right procedure for you.

There are various methods of body contouring, from surgical liposuction for larger body areas to the less invasive procedures including non-surgical and surgical Vaser liposuction and CoolSculpting. Together with your practitioner, you will decide on the very best method for you so you can achieve the most optimum results from treatment.

Are you ready to start your body sculpting journey?

Our doctors, nurse practitioners and aestheticians make up our team of medical aesthetics experts, together performing thousands of treatments each year. We are proud to only use the highest quality, FDA-approved products and treatment systems, always in a clinical environment.

At Transform, our medical aesthetics experts use premium brands, so we’re able to provide our clients with the very best, long-lasting results. If you’re thinking about a medical aesthetics treatment, one of our specialists can put together a personalised treatment plan based on your goals and the look you want to achieve.

SculpSure is available at our Newcastle clinic where you will meet your patient advisor for your initial consultation to find out more about this treatment and whether it is right for you.





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