13 April 2021

Which kind of nose surgery is right for you?

Nose surgery (also known as ‘rhinoplasty’) can be life changing. It can give you a much-needed confidence boost and help you feel like your best self.

All noses are different, and we each have our idea of the perfect nose shape. Whether you’ve got a bumpy bridge or a bulbous tip, there are different techniques our surgeons can use to provide your perfect results.

Here are some of the most common nose shapes and concerns, and the techniques our fantastic surgeons might use to correct them:


1. Wide or flat bridge

This kind of nose can be noticeably flat or broad across the bridge. To reduce the width of the bridge and refine the base of the nose, augmentation rhinoplasty is a great option. This procedure uses bridge implants, and you’ll notice a huge improvement in the contour of your entire nose.


2. Bulbous tip

You might have a more rounded ‘bulbous’ nose tip that makes your nose look overly wide or long. Our surgeons can reshape the lower lateral cartilage of your nose to create a softer, triangular appearance and leave you with a nose that looks more delicate.


3. Too long

If you consider your nose to be too long, you might find that it distracts from the other lovely features of your face. A complex rhinoplasty can reduce your nasal tip and create a shorter nose overall. This will help to balance your facial proportions and give your other features a chance to shine!


4. Too pointy

A pointy nose tip can be caused by excess cartilage. Our surgeons can perform a tip only rhinoplasty to reduce and round the nose tip, resulting in a softer-looking nose overall. With a tip-only procedure, you’ll have a potentially quicker recovery compared to other rhinoplasty techniques.


5. Bridge bump

While a ‘roman nose’ has been considered a mark of beauty throughout history, some people can be self-conscious about the bump on the bridge of their nose. No matter its size, a bridge bump can draw attention away from the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty can eliminate the bump entirely or reduce it to your preference to give you a subtle but significant change in nose shape.


6. Crooked

If you’ve ever broken or injured your nose, the injury might have left it crooked and pulling off to one side. It can affect the symmetry of your face and, more importantly, your self-esteem. Our surgeons can perform rhinoplasty to straighten your nose.


Your journey starts here!

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