17 November 2020

The top 5 questions our breast surgeons get asked

The top 5 questions our breast surgeons get asked 

When you’re considering breast augmentation (often known as breast enlargement or a ‘boob job’), it’s only natural to have lots of questions. After all, you want to be sure that the decision you make is completely right for you.  

Breast enlargement is the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, with tens of thousands of people choosing this type of treatment every year. 

Still, getting the information you need to be fully informed can be time-consuming and confusing, so we’ve checked out the 5 questions that our Transform cosmetic surgeons are asked the most and added their answers to get you off to a great start. 

1. How much will my breast surgery cost? 

Because every person is unique, their procedure is, too. Everyone has different requirements, and as a result breast augmentation costs vary dependent on the individual treatment plan that’s put in place. 

Attending an initial face to face consultation appointment with your cosmetic surgeon is vital so that you can both be certain that surgery is the right thing to do. At Transform, there’s no obligation to decide to go ahead with a boob job at all when you’ve had your surgeon consultation, which is free of charge. 

The cost of your treatment will no doubt play a part in your decision-making process, and so you’ll be given a detailed personal quote during the consultation. This will include your care before, during and after treatment. 

If you do decide to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery, there are various payment options. Of course, you can pay it all in a lump sum if you wish. Alternatively, Transform has flexible finance options available, including interest-free credit, which mean that you can spread the cost of your procedure.  

2. What types of breast implants are there? 

There are a number of things to take into consideration when you’re considering breast enlargement, from the shape you want to the size you’d like. You surgeon will discuss your options so that you can find the one which is best suited to your own needs and wants.  

At Transform, Motiva and Mentor breast implants are available. These are brands which lead in breast aesthetics, and there are different types which will help you get the look you want. 

Perhaps you’d like fuller breasts – if so, round high-profile silicon gel implants would help achieve this. For a more natural look, contoured silicone gel work well.  

Whatever you finally decide, it’s important to make an informed decision based on facts and the expert advice of your surgeon, so that you’re able to enjoy the results you’d hoped for. 

3. Will my new breasts feel or look unnatural? 

You may already know the look you’d like to achieve after breast enlargement surgery. Whether that’s round and full, or something more subtle, it’s your personal choice, as both looks can be achieved. Contour implants – which are ‘teardrop’-shaped – help to give a natural look, while round silicone implants are a more high-profile option.  

If you have a lot of breast tissue naturally, then implants will tend to look and feel more natural. Silicone is man-made, but the gels used are very soft and mimic the feel of breast tissue.  

4. How long will it take for me to recover from breast surgery? 

Because each of us is unique, we recover from surgery at different rates. On average, though, recovery time after a boob job is around 6 weeks. 

Try to prepare as much as you can before your surgery – for example, you won’t be able to physically pick up small children for a few weeks, so make sure you have enough help in place in advance. From housework to meal preparation and supportive, comfortable surgical post operative bras, start to plan for your recovery time early on and you’ll reap the rewards after your treatment. 

The first 3 to 5 days after the operation will usually be the most uncomfortable, as you’ll experience soreness and swelling. As time passes, though, any discomfort can be managed with over the counter painkillers. It’s important to make sure you have plenty of rest in the first few weeks. 

After week 1, you can slowly begin to get back into your usual daily routine, although you shouldn’t lift anything heavy until your recovery is complete.  

How quickly you can start working again will depend on the kind of job you have. If it’s very active, then it may take a few weeks before you can carry out your tasks fully.  

At your follow up appointments, we’ll check that you’re progressing well and that you are healing properly. In what will seem like no time at all, you’ll be enjoying your new curves! 

5. Does pregnancy affect breast implants – and do breast implants affect pregnancy? 

Every pregnancy is different, and the changes that women experience are as individual as they are. It’s a myth that women who have breast implants aren’t able to breastfeed. For most, surgery doesn’t involve the areas of the breast that are involved in producing milk, which means that they can breastfeed after a boob job. 

During pregnancy, breast implants will remain stable – they’re made of the same material as a range of implanted medical devices. Although during pregnancy the size of the breasts will usually swell as they prepare to produce milk, this doesn’t involve or affect any implants.  

If you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, the skin of the breast can stretch and sagging may occur afterwards, but this can happen both with implants and without. Many women decide to have breast surgery after having their children, as the effects of pregnancy can mean that they’re unhappy with the firmness, volume or general appearance of their breasts. 

In short, breast implants won’t pose a risk to you or the baby during a normal pregnancy. 

Our surgeons are here to help. If you have any questions about breast augmentation that aren’t answered here, simply book a free consultation and they’ll be happy to provide the answers. 


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