Meet Sarah Bainbridge

Gastric sleeve surgery

Sarah has suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome since the age of 16. As the years passed, her health began to decline and her symptoms were worsening, including weight gain, night sweats and day flushes.

 Sarah recalls, “I had extremely high blood pressure, which was getting worse. The doctors were monitoring it closely. The arthritis in my feet and toes was so painful that my doctor suggested weight loss surgery, but when we looked into it, the waiting list was just too long. That’s when I opted to go down the private treatment route.”
Determined to make sure she chose the right provider for her, Sarah carried out a lot of research. “I kept coming back to The Hospital Group when I was making the initial calls,” she says. “The patient liaison I spoke to there gave me the most information and was very helpful without being pushy. I felt most at ease talking to her.”
Sarah was delighted to have chosen her preferred provider, and the next step was to attend her first consultation with the surgeon, Mr Robinson, who would perform the procedure on her chosen date. “He was amazing,” Sarah smiles. “I felt so informed when I spoke to him. I was given an information pack and could read about his career history and qualifications. I was incredibly happy with Mr Robinson, and I’d recommend him to anyone. Through discussion with him, I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery.”

Just 5 months after my procedure, I’ve lost 5 stone, with 2 stone to go to reach my own goal weight. I just wish I’d had a gastric sleeve years ago!”


Soon the day of Sarah’s procedure arrived, and she says her experience on the day of her surgery was good. “I arrived at Burcot Hall Hospital in Bromsgrove and the reception team were very kind. The nurse who did my bloods was very calming, as I was a bit nervous. Once I was taken to my room, everything went pretty fast, and it wasn’t long before I went in for my surgery.”  

Sarah says, “My procedure went without a hitch and I had no issues at all. All the team were kind and caring afterwards and the lovely nurse who was on duty when I came back from recovery was always coming in to check on me. I took a long time to come round properly, and she kept making sure I was OK.” 

After leaving hospital, Sarah returned home to recover. “My recovery was good too!” she says. “The calls from the nurse and dietitian were very helpful, and they made sure I was eating, drinking and resting enough. 3 or 4 days later, I started to be able to move about more and I found that I had more energy.” 

Sarah hasn’t looked back since her gastric sleeve operation, and is full of enthusiasm for the positive changes that her results have brought. She lists them all: “I have more energy, I’m less tired, I have normal blood pressure (which is amazing!), my perimenopausal symptoms have all improved - no more hot flushes – and I have no more pain in my feet or toes!”
And how does Sarah feel mentally after her treatment? “Amazing! I’m still getting used to seeing the new me looking back in the mirror, and my confidence is slowly improving. I don't hide from the camera any more! But just being able to be more active has been great – I’m able to go on a 5mile hike and not be out of breath. I’m so happy.”


Sarah has no hesitation in recommending weight loss surgery to others who may be considering it. “Some of my friends have already come to me and said they have been thinking about having surgery. I say, go for it, it could 100% improve your life! At just 5 months after my procedure, I’ve lost 5 stone, with 2 stone to go to reach my own goal weight. I was a size 20/22 and now I’m a 12/14. I just wish I’d had a gastric sleeve years ago!”



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