07 December 2022

Paige's rhinoplasty story

Paige decided to opt for rhinoplasty surgery after years of being unhappy with her side profile. “I’d been insecure about my nose since I was 13 or 14,” she explains. “It’s something that I really struggled with mentally and I’d constantly hide away from having my picture taken.” 

Although she tried non-surgical rhinoplasty, it never achieved the results she wanted, and so Paige decided to take the next step – she reached out to Transform.  
When you’re ready, we’re here 
She says, “I decided to go with Transform as my provider based on a recommendation from a friend. They had previously had a rhinoplasty procedure with them, and had had a great experience. From the initial contact, the whole process was very efficient.” 
Surgeons who care 
"My surgeon, Mr Hamadeh, was amazing. He was a great listener, and helped me to manage my expectations as to what could be achieved from rhinoplasty surgery. During my consultation, we went through the procedure in detail and I had the opportunity to discuss any queries I had."  

Paige remembers, "I was super excited to get my surgery date booked. It was something that I’d wanted for so long, and I couldn't believe it was finally happening!" 
Support when you need it most 
“On the day of my surgery, I was nervous about going under the anaesthesia, more than the surgery itself,” she continues. “The nursing team was very supportive, and they all made me feel at ease. I wasn’t able to have anyone with me, as my procedure took place during the COVID pandemic and regulations at the time didn’t allow it, but everyone in the hospital team was great – I felt very settled. Mr Hamadeh checked in on me, too and, we had a final chat about the procedure before I went in for my surgery.” 
You, with more confidence 
Paige is delighted with her results, and finally has the nose she's always dreamed of. "I’m so glad that I had my rhinoplasty surgery - it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself! I love my results – they’ve had such an impact on my confidence.  

“It’s almost a year since my procedure, and time has flown by! My nose is still healing, and some days there’s more swelling than on others, but I did my research before my surgery and knew what to expect. My results are amazing, and my nose looks exactly how I’d hoped!” 
And would Paige recommend rhinoplasty to others who are considering the procedure? “If it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, I’d definitely recommend going for it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I have so much more confidence,” she smiles. "I’m much happier now that I finally have the nose I’ve always wanted!” 


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