30 October 2020

Do I have tubular breasts?

Boobs comes in different shapes and sizes...

Whilst we think all boobs are beautiful, we understand that sometimes women want to change their breasts look in order to feel better about themselves and more confident in their appearance. We are here to help all women achieve their personal goals so that they can feel like the best version of them.

There are many different reasons why so many women chose to have breast surgery with us each and every year. Tubular breasts are one of them. This is when your breasts haven’t fully developed and can appear elongated or canonical in shape rather than typically round.

Tubular breasts just aren’t spoken about enough – whilst we think this is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, not all women feel the same and it’s okay to want to change something that makes you feel this way. Do what makes you happy, always.

Why do you have tubular breasts?

Although many people think that having tubular breasts is all down to genetics – for instance, if your grandma or mum have them, then statistically, you are at a much higher chance of developing them too, this hasn’t been scientifically proven.

It is true to say that the exact cause of tubular breasts is unknown but the general consensus is that it is thought to be a result of stunted breast development during puberty when one of both of your breasts do not develop fully in the typically expected way.

What are tubular breasts?

Tubular breasts are a lot more common that you think – so if you do have them, you’re not alone! Here are the most common defining characteristics of tubular breasts:

  • Enlarged areolas
  • Protruding nipples
  • ‘Side set’ in shape
  • Far apart, noticeable spacing between the breasts
  • Very little fullness and breast tissue
  • Any breast tissue is concentrated at the base of each breast
  • Different in shape - often cylindrical or ‘tubular’ rather than rounded
  • Sagging and loose despite little breast tissue
  • Higher breast fold than normal

Should I be worried about my tubular breasts?

Absolutely not, it is reassuring to know that having tubular breast has no impact to your overall health and so, making the decision to ‘correct’ tubular boobies, is your purely an aesthetic one.

Although we understand that if you are unhappy about the way they look, then we can emphasise with just how much this can affect your mental and emotional health. Some women do choose to have a corrective procedure with a cosmetic surgeon to address their concerns and abate their anxieties particularly if they feel comfortable in their clothes or are self-conscious during intimacy.

How can breast surgery help?

The good news is that breast augmentation can definitely help to change the look and feel of your tubular breasts should you wish to opt for cosmetic surgery.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a typical augmentation or breast enlargement is often combined with a breast uplift surgery, regardless of age or having had been pregnant or breastfed in the past. In fact, many young women chose to have a mastopexy (or breast uplift) procedure rather than an enlargement in order to address their concerns about their tubular breast shape but this will depend on the complexity and the look you wish to achieve.

We would not suggest breast surgery as the answer to tubular breasts, as it a completely elective procedure that is only suited for you if you 100% want to change the appearance of your breasts. If you are happy with the way your breasts look, then cosmetic surgery isn’t right for you.


Are you ready to start your boob job journey?

We are always here to help you achieve your goals. When you come to us at Transform, the entire experience is designed around you and your needs. We’ll listen carefully to your aspirations for being the best you, and you’ll receive all the advice and support you need throughout your journey with us.


*Only a comprehensive consultation with a surgeon will determine exactly why a procedure is best suited to you depending on your needs and the look you are hoping to achieve. Exact outcomes will always vary from patient to patient.


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