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Deciding to have breast augmentation wasn’t a snap decision for Courtney, who’s 22. “I’d been thinking about it seriously for about a year and a half, on and off,” she explains. “The more time went by and the more I read, the more I started to get interested in going ahead with surgery. I checked out the ‘before and after’ patient stories from various providers online, as well as reviews, to give me an understanding of my options.

“Eventually, I decided that the time was right to go for it and I started saving up to pay for the procedure.”

It was important to Courtney that she had faith in the provider who would carry out her treatment, and her research led her to Transform, where she was impressed by her surgeon’s experience and previous patient results. She booked a consultation with him, which went very well. “He made me feel comfortable, and I felt that I could put my trust in him – we had a good relationship from the start,” she recalls. “I’d seen some of his previous patients’ results, which were excellent. We went through various implant sizes and options, and he made sure that I had the right mindset for surgery, with realistic expectations about what could be achieved.”

Courtney was also impressed by the level of communication from the Transform team. “Any questions I had were answered quickly and fully. They were on the ball where patient care was concerned. And from our conversations, I felt sure that I’d receive great aftercare following my boob job, too.”

I’m far more confident these days, and it’s something that people have remarked on.


Thrilled with her results!

She travelled to Burcot Hall hospital near Birmingham for her breast augmentation procedure in February 2022. “My friend very kindly drove me there, and we arrived in the early morning,” she remembers. “I was on the ward by about 8.30am. Everything ran smoothly, and I was looked after really well – the food was great with different options, and the staff were friendly and helpful. I left the hospital at around half past three the same day – my friend had waited on me to drive me home again.”

Courtney says that she didn’t really have any issues following the procedure. “I made sure I was prepared for coming back from the hospital, as you’re limited in what you can do for a while. When I returned home, I felt pretty comfortable. I found that I could lift my arms with no pain quite early on. When I felt uncomfortable from time to time, I would take Paracetamol or Codeine and I was fine. But you do have to take things easy and go at your own pace.

“My boyfriend looked after me following my surgery. I admit that I took full advantage of this so that he’d do everything for me - I possibly could have done a bit more myself!”

By day 3, Courtney was able to move around quite easily. “I could take off my bra, and I could already see the difference in my boobs. Although they were sensitive, I didn’t feel any pain.

“I had my post op review at the one-week stage after surgery, and everything was great. And I had regular aftercare appointments and good communication with my surgeon following the operation.”

Courtney’s thrilled with the positive changes she’s experienced since having her boob job. “I was a B cup and now I’m a DD. I’m able to wear clothes that I couldn’t before. For example, I feel much more comfortable and confident in a bikini on holiday! And I don’t have to wear a padded bra in certain clothes to fill me out, so my wardrobe has changed quite a bit. I’m far more confident these days, and it’s something that people have remarked on.”

Despite admitting that she found the idea of surgery daunting, Courtney’s glad that she decided to go for treatment. “I made the right decision for me, and I would recommend surgery to other people, provided that they’re doing it for themselves and no one else. Make sure that you’re confident in your provider and in your surgeon. Do your research, and only go ahead if you’re 100% comfortable with everything.”

She adds, “There was nothing that I didn’t expect about the surgery or the recovery, because I asked so many questions in the run up to my surgery that there were no surprises! I would always say to ask as many questions as you want, because everyone understands how scary the thought of being in hospital can be.”

Courtney says that her only regret is not having her breast augmentation surgery sooner. “I went on holiday before the operation. I should have bitten the bullet earlier – I’d probably have enjoyed it that little bit more because of the different clothes I could wear!”


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