04 November 2020

Q&A: Jo, Eye Bag Removal Surgery

After years of being unhappy with the appearance of her hooded eyes and first trying medical aesthetics treatments like anti-ageing injections, our customer Jo decided to have eye bag removal surgery with us here at Transform.

We sat down with Jo to find out more about her cosmetic surgery journey:

Why did you choose to have this procedure?

I had noticed my upper eyelids were getting more and more hooded for quite some time, it seems to be hereditary in our family.

What did your family and friends think and were they supportive?

My family and friends were really supportive – I think because they knew how fed up I was with the appearance of my eyes and they were confident that I would get a good result.

At which point did you decide to have this procedure?

The appearance of my eyes bothered me so much, that in the end, I avoided having my photo taken because all I seemed to see and focus on was how heavy and tired my eyes were looking.  My eyelid and eyelashes had become completely hidden!

Had you tried any medical aesthetics treatments or other alternatives first before deciding to have the surgery?

I used Botox not only for frown lines but also to “open” up my eye area.  It did seem to improve the hooded eyelids for a while but over time they got worse and it didn’t seem to make any difference so I started to consider eye bag removal surgery.  

How long was it before the results appeared?

Straight away and each day following as the swelling went down and stitches came out.

Jo before blepharoplasty vs. 6 weeks post-surgery

What was the recovery period like?

I took a week off work, only because I felt a bit self-conscious of the initial bruising and swelling.  There was no pain, my eyes just felt a bit tight and itchy whilst the stitches were still in.

What would you say to others thinking about having this procedure?

I would say go for it, you will look 10 years younger – personally, I wish that I had the procedure much sooner!

Do you think there are any misconceptions attached to having cosmetic surgery?

At first, I was a little wary of the risks involved with surgery but the more I talked with Transform regarding the procedure the more my confidence grew. I totally felt I was in safe hands because any question or worry I had they were able to put my mind at ease. I was also offered the option of local, rather than general anaesthetic because my procedure was only approximately 1 hour long.

Would you recommend Transform and why?

Yes, without hesitation! The clinic staff, nurses and most importantly my surgeon Mr Akhtar were brilliant in every way. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience- If only I would have known, I would have had this surgery sooner as it was straightforward with very minimal downtime and recovery.

Start your eye bag removal journey with us…

Eye bag removal surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a procedure that is designed to remove bags under your eyes or excess skin from your upper eyelids. As we age, the muscles around the eyes relax and the skin surrounding them loses elasticity allowing eye bags to form. Aside from ageing, the puffiness around your eyes can also be caused by your lifestyle, sleep routine and diet.

Start your journey today with a free consultation to find out more about us, the eye bag removal procedure itself, our expert surgeons and the comprehensive aftercare we offer.

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