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Despite being a self-confessed gym bunny who has been working out regularly for years, Rochelle was frustrated by the areas of fat on her back which refused to shift, no matter how often she exercised.

“I tried everything I could to lose my love handles,” she recalls,  “but even though I was always careful to eat a healthy diet and keep very active, nothing seemed able to remove those stubborn pockets of fat. What I saw in the mirror was affecting what I wore and, most importantly, how I felt about myself.”

Rochelle’s wardrobe was full of loose clothing which camouflaged the areas on the sides of her body she was self-conscious about. She says, “Bikinis and swimming costumes were no-no’s as I definitely didn’t feel confident enough to wear them. Looking back, my clothes choices were dictated by what I wanted to hide underneath them.”

Having decided that she needed to take action, Rochelle met her Transform surgeon for a consultation and was impressed. “I’d highly recommend Mr Gesakis,” she smiles. “He was very particular and very thorough – he went over the different treatment options, and outlined the benefits and risks so I could make my decision based on all the facts.”

Vaser lipo is a fat removal procedure which amplifies the natural vibration of fat cells in the body to break down stubborn areas of fat, and it was this surgery that Rochelle decided to go ahead with. “Mr Gesakis showed me before and after pictures of previous Vaser lipo patients, so I could understand what I might be able to achieve myself. I felt very relaxed during our conversation and confident in his skills and expertise. I was so positive about it all that I probably would have had my Vaser lipo treatment on the same day if I could have!”

Around 5 weeks later, Rochelle was checking in for her Vaser lipo treatment at Transform’s Pines Hospital in Manchester. Although she was having general anaesthetic and would be asleep throughout the procedure, she wouldn’t have to stay overnight and would return home the same day. “I arrived in the morning, but I didn’t have my Vaser lipo until about lunchtime. After some recovery time, I went home around 8pm,” she explains. “The staff at The Pines were amazing and looked after me so well, including taking me home!”

Rochelle remembers that she was amazed at the results of her procedure immediately afterwards. “The shape that I’d been wanting was already there – the results were instant, so that was fantastic to see!”

She continues, “I’d been warned to expect quite extensive bruising following the surgery and it kicked in pretty quickly - from the next day. It did take quite a while to go, but I had been well prepared for that, as well as the discomfort and aches that would follow the procedure.”

As she’d been advised, in the days after returning  home Rochelle made sure she kept moving about the house, carrying out light housework as well as getting out of the house for gentle exercise. She took paracetamol from time to time to ease the dull ache from her bruises, and day by day they started to fade. “I felt I had no issues at all during my recovery,” she says. “The only thing I didn’t like was the compression garment! Putting it on after my Vaser lipo was the worst, because it compresses the areas that are sore and bruised from the procedure. But that lessens as time goes on.”

Now fully recovered, it’s fair to say that Rochelle is nothing less than delighted with her results. “Having Vaser lipo has brought so many positive changes for me. I feel completely different to how I felt before – I have a lot more self confidence. I’m off to Majorca in a few days’ time, and I’ll be more than happy to wear a bikini there, whereas before, I’d have been stressed out at the thought of what I was going to wear.”

She adds, “I’ve always been active and eaten healthily, and I know that’s the best way to ensure I maintain my Vaser lipo results. I’ve invested a lot of emotion, time and money in my treatment, so the last thing I want is to undo all that good work!”



Rochelle's Q&A

Would you recommend the procedure to other people?

Absolutely! I’d also consider doing it again myself – maybe my legs, as the tops of my inner thighs can rub together, although I’m trying to achieve that through exercise first.

Is there anything you’d change about your procedure?

I wouldn’t have waited until I was 32 to have it! I’d have done it years ago if I’d known then what I know now. I literally can’t think of any downsides to my experience of Vaser lipo – I felt well prepared for what would happen, and the results couldn’t have been better. They were just what I envisaged for myself.

What handy tip do you have for other Vaser lipo patients?

My advice is really for patients undergoing surgery in general – don’t expect to arrive at the hospital and then immediately be taken into theatre. You’ll go to settle in your room first.

Like most people, I was quite anxious when I arrived on the day of my surgery and eager to ‘get on with it’, but it was great being able to relax and prepare myself mentally ahead of the procedure.

Also, I was warned that sometimes other patients’ surgeries could take a little longer than planned, so although they’d do all they could to avoid delays, they could occasionally happen.

All in all, I would say to try not to be too impatient to get things underway! Leave it to the professionals, because they have your best interests at heart. 

What’s your advice to anyone considering having surgical Vaser lipo?

Avoid having it in the summer months, because you have to wear your compression garment for 6 weeks and it’s very constricting. Stock up on paracetamol so that you can manage any aches, and make sure you move about following your surgery – don’t think you can just lie on the sofa during your recovery, because sitting down just makes things more painful.”

What was the most surprising thing you learned about your treatment?

During my consultation, I discovered that, although it’s a surgical procedure, Vaser lipo could be carried out under local anaesthetic. I opted to be completely knocked out by general anaesthetic for my procedure, and I had the best sleep ever during it! But if you were wary of having a general anaesthetic for any reason, it’s good to know that you can have the option of being awake as well as asleep.”


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