Meet Sophie

Breast augmentation & uplift

Taking the plunge

Having breast augmentation and uplift surgery wasn’t something that Sophie chose to do on a whim – in fact, it took her four years to decide to go ahead. “I’d been thinking about doing it for a long time,” she admits. “Having my daughter had meant that my boobs had lost volume on top, and they were a bit saggy. That affected my confidence – I wouldn’t wear a bikini, because only expensive brands had enough support for me to wear them around the pool, and I avoided certain clothes, like backless dresses.

“Although I’d started saving up for my procedure, I hadn’t taken the plunge and made a date to have treatment. My partner said he was sick and tired of me talking about it, so eventually I booked myself in for November 2021!”

Sophie says she felt very nervous before her first consultation. “I’m not sure why that was, but the surgeon put me at ease almost immediately. He was very thorough and I was happy with how it all went. I felt like I was in control, and it was clear that he wanted me to be completely happy with my choice.”

Breast implants are sized according to their volume in cubic centimetres (cc’s), so when Sophie told her surgeon the cup size she was ideally looking for, she was given a selection of cc’s to try. It was important that they suited her body frame, and she tried on several types of implant to see which was the best for her. “I went for a Mentor moderate plus, which is a round implant. I had done quite a bit of research and I had also looked at other patients’ before and after pictures to get an idea of what would be possible.”


Amazing results and a great experience

And the good news is that Sophie’s found a whole number of positives since recovering fully from her surgery. “I’ve got what I wanted,” she smiles. “I have much more confidence in myself. Before, I always dressed so that I had support, with thick-strapped bras that were pretty unsightly. It’s a pleasure to go out and shop for clothing now – backless dresses are no problem, as I can go without a bra. It’s so convenient and comfortable!”

Sophie’s breast size hasn’t changed much. “I’m practically the same – I was a 34DD due to the excess skin I had, and now I’m a 34E, so I’ve only gone up one cup size. I just have perkier boobs with more fullness on top.”

And Sophie’s self esteem was boosted so much after her breast augmentation and uplift that she went on holiday a few months afterwards to show them off. “Once I’d had the surgery, I bought a nice bikini or two and headed off on a trip to Lanzarote!”

Sophie says she would recommend breast augmentation and uplift surgery to anyone who feels as she did before her operation. “ I’ve had amazing results and a great experience all round. The only thing I would change would be to have it sooner instead of putting it off – I wouldn’t wait so long. Now I wonder why I didn’t just go for it, because it’s been life changing.”



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