30 November 2020

5 Myths Surrounding Breast Surgery

We debunk common myths surrounding breast surgery

Just like no two bodies are the same, every breast augmentation is different.

From lifts and implants to nipple correction and reductions, there are lots of surgical options and the results will vary from patient to patient.

Since everyone’s experience differs, there’s a lot of confusion about what to expect when undergoing breast surgery… and it can make doing research difficult.

To help you cut through some of the noise and muddled advice, we’re debunking five common misconceptions about breast surgery that we hear all the time.

#1: My breasts will look fake

 Do breast implants look real? Everyone has different results they hope to achieve with breast surgery. Whilst some like larger breasts and more pronounced cleavage, others only want a natural-looking boost.

Placing implants under or over the muscle, choosing between the different shapes of implants available and picking an ideal size, there are lots of factors to consider that will affect the post-op appearance of your breasts.

Your surgeon will advise you on the best route to take to reach your desired results. At Transform, all of our surgeons are GMC accredited and are specialists in breast surgery.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look at our before & after photo page, which features fantastic results achieved by our expert surgeons. 

#2: I won’t be able to breastfeed

Can you breastfeed if you have a boob job? It’s a common concern amongst breast surgery patients, but you typically needn’t worry.

The majority of patients will have no issues breastfeeding, as the milk ducts shouldn’t be affected or damaged during surgery.

However, breast reductions can have an impact on breastfeeding. During your consultation, you’ll be advised of the likelihood of this happening and have plenty of time to ask any questions.

#3: Implants aren’t always safe

So, are breast implants safe? We’re committed to providing high standards of care and quality, which is why we only ever use Allergan implants for breast augmentation.

As well as coming in a huge range of sizes and shapes, they’re FDA-approved and rigorously tested to ensure safety and durability.

And with over 40 years of experience performing surgeries, and a standard three years of aftercare given to every patient, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Transform.

#4: I’ll be left with lots of scarring

Scarring is a worry for lots of women, but as surgical techniques have improved significantly over the past years, boob job scars are an issue our patients rarely experience post-op.

That’s because our experts take care to minimise the visibility of scarring by positioning the incision under the crease of the breasts during surgery.

Remember that all scars naturally fade over time as well, so be patient and you’ll soon forget they’re even there.

#5: You have to be rich to afford breast augmentation

It is a common myth that cosmetic surgery is only available for those with savings or a high income. Flexible payment plans are offered, making it easier to afford your dream breasts.

We believe that all patients should be able to choose their procedure without any financial barriers. At Transform, you can pay a deposit of just £500 and choose either 12 monthly interest-free payments or spread the cost over two to five years. Find out more about our 0% finance here.

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