17 November 2020

My experience of the HydraFacial UK

Leonie, 29 years old had her first ever facial with us!

Why I chose the HydraFacial UK

It was approaching my 30th birthday and I’d never had a facial, or so much as stepped inside a clinic! I’d seen HydraFacial reviews while scrolling on Instagram before, and it peaked my interest after I saw a before & after on one of my favourite accounts. When I found out Transform was launching HydraFacial UK in Manchester and a few other clinics, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to book in for my first ever facial treatment.

Before I had my HydraFacial, my skin was starting to look tired (especially under my eyes), and my complexion overall appeared dull. Not what I wanted at the age of 29! I didn’t feel tired, so I certainly didn’t want to look it. At first, I couldn’t decide which treatment to have. I also looked at having Microdermabrasion and even dermal fillers to plump out my skin and help smooth out my first signs of ageing. I didn’t want to go ahead with anything too committal or invasive, especially as my experience of beauty or aesthetics treatments was next to none. Up until a few years ago, my idea of a good skincare routine was a quick swash of a face wipe before bed and a little moisturiser, so I had to give skin treatments a fair run before deciding on any pre-thirties anti-ageing prevention thingy-me-bobs.

After finding out how quick the HydraFacial was to do (30 mins for an `Express` treatment), and the very reasonable price tag, my mind was well and truly made up.

The HydraFacial consultation process

The consultation process was quick but thorough. I had a form to fill out, and the practitioner went through it with me so I understood everything properly. The practitioner was warm and friendly, and obviously passionate about the treatment she was about to do. She had youthful skin herself and told me she had regular HydraFacials, so I had a mini demo of what I could look like in a few months’ time, if I were to continue with my HydraFacial treatment plan.

The HydraFacial treatment

My facial came in three stages. First, the practitioner used a special tool to extract all the dirt and impurities from my pores. This stung slightly, but felt satisfying! The amount of times I’d wished for a method of pulling blackheads straight out of my skin, and here I was. The second stage was the relaxing part – a miniature chemical peel. This part of the process was very comfortable, and the practitioner chatted away to me about how the machines work. It was refreshing to know she had so much knowledge on the treatment, and it was a continued reassurance that I was in safe hands. Finally, my practitioner used small motions to coat my skin with collagen. It smelt delicious, and I enjoyed it even more knowing how plump my face was going to look afterwards. Before I left the treatment room, my practitioner held up a cylinder with a few inches of murky water in the bottom, with lots of particles floating around. She proceeded to tell me I was looking at all the dirt and muck that had just been extracted from my face. Yuck! It was amazing.

My HydraFacial results

Immediately after my HydraFacial, I received compliments on how `fresh` and `well` I looked. I couldn’t believe how quickly the results started to show! The results I saw straight away included:

    • Visibly smaller pores
    • The blackheads on my nose and chin were gone
    • Eyebags less prominent
    • Forehead lines had softened
    • Skin was soft to the touch
    • My cheeks looked really plump

Straight after my skin felt a little tender and blushed, but this soon went down and within two days I was very happy with my results.

My HydraFacial before & after


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