08 September 2021

Jordan's Story

Jordan, 28, had always been very insecure about her small chest and would do whatever she could to cover it up. She’d wanted to have a breast enlargement procedure for a long time, but always felt a bit nervous about taking the next step. 

She recalls, “I went for a consultation 6 years before I was actually brave enough to go ahead. I just kept putting it off, and one day had started to cry because there was nothing I felt confident in wearing on a night out. My mum sat me down, asked me what was wrong, and told me to just go ahead and book the surgery. If there was something about myself that I didn’t like, and I was able to do something about it, then I should go for it. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment, and I booked the consultation there and then.” 

Jordan had a number of friends who had already used Transform and had seen the amazing results they’d had from their procedures, so she felt naturally drawn towards the company. During the consultation process, Jordan was very impressed by the excellent customer service she received and the professionalism of the staff. She says, “They weren’t pushy, and I didn’t feel forced into anything. It was my own choice, and after how impressed I’d been early on, it easy one to make. 

“Transform offers flexible payment options, so I made an initial deposit and then arranged to pay monthly for the rest over a 4-year period. This made it affordable, without having to save up or go without beforehand in order to make it happen.” 

Jordan was particularly impressed with the nurse who looked after her on the day of her procedure, She smiles, “She couldn’t do enough to make sure I was comfortable throughout the day.” 

She was also delighted with her breast enlargement surgeon. She remembers, “He was amazing. He knew exactly what was right for my body, making sure I chose the right size and shape to suit it. He took great care of me throughout all my appointments and during the surgery.” 

Jordan was nervous about the procedure at the time, but now says, “I had no reason to be scared. The whole experience has been wonderful, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I just wish I’d done it sooner! It really has been such a positive experience.” 

Following the surgery, Jordan had a quick recovery and she’s found new confidence. She says she feels like a completely different person, “I cannot put into words how much this surgery has affected my life. The change in me as a person has been astronomical! I remember crying to my surgeon at my last appointment after treatment that I finally felt like this was the body I should have. I am forever grateful to Transform for making my dream come true and changing my life for the better.” 

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