Courtney-Leigh's Story

I’m Courtney-Leigh, and I had rhinoplasty surgery with Transform at the beginning of 2020.  

My first consultation was with a really lovely patient advisor in late November 2019. She gave me so much information about the procedure and the aftercare plan, as well as the range of payment and finance options. I was told that my surgeon was very experienced in rhinoplasty and that it was one of his specialities. 

I walked out of the clinic feeling relaxed and confident about Transform, so I decided to take my patient advisor’s advice and meet the surgeon at a consultation which was at no extra cost.  

I was so nervous about meeting him initially, but the anxious feelings soon passed when we started to talk. We discussed my concerns about my nose and surgery to start with, and then he assessed my nose from different angles. Then he let me know what he believed could be achieved. He was very thorough and covered all kinds of things I wouldn’t have really thought to ask.  

What I admired most about him was that he was honest about everything, from letting me know what realistic expectations to have to the length of the healing process and recommended remedies for the swelling and bruising. While nothing was sugar-coated, the conversation was in no way patronising, just informative and helpful. It felt like he would do his very best to make my dream nose a reality for me. Following the consultation, I had no hesitation in booking my surgery and it was scheduled for March 2020.  

My surgeon came to see me before surgery to see how I felt and to take some ‘before’ pictures of my nose. As he was leaving, I said “Please just give me a small, cute nose!” He smiled and said he would see me soon.  

I remember waking up from surgery and asking if I had my new nose. It all seemed surreal and I was so overwhelmed. My surgeon came to see me and let me know that everything had gone well and that he’d given me the ‘small, cute nose’ I had asked for! I was so happy.  

During my overnight stay the nurses were all really helpful and I was monitored regularly. The whole team were lovely and played a part in turning what could have been an ordeal into one of the best experiences of my life. They all made me feel comfortable and important, and the level of care I experienced was second to none.  

I have now found a whole new level of confidence because of this procedure. And I will always be so grateful for the team at Transform for helping me through this life changing experience.  


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