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Time to focus on you

A breast uplift, also known as a mastopexy or a ‘lift’, is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes your natural breasts to create a firmer feel and position them higher than they were before.

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The procedure involves reshaping the area around the breasts which may have naturally stretched and drooped with age or after weight losspregnancy or breastfeeding.    

When stretched, the skin and fibrous ligaments in the breast are weakened, so the breast tissue becomes less supported. Its not possible to recreate the fibrous support of the breasts, but they can be lifted by removing extra skin and reshaping the area. The nipples can also be moved to sit correctly on the breasts. Other options are to reduce the size of the areola (the skin surrounding the nipple), or to have breast implants inserted during the procedure (breast augmentation).  

Having a breast uplift will make them look firmer and give them a more attractive and youthful shape. As a result, you may feel more confident about your body after the procedure. Breasts of any size can be lifted, although women with smallersagging’ breasts may have the best results - large, heavy breasts may be pulled back down more quickly, and reverse the procedure. In this situation, your surgeon may speak to you about considering a breast reduction at the same time  

Enhance how you look, change how you feel

The results of a breast uplift may help you feel more confident about the shape of your breasts, as they’ll be firmer and higher. 

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This could also mean you’re able to wear clothing you might not have felt comfortable wearing beforeFollowing the procedure, your breasts may help your body shape to feel more in proportion.  

The procedure reverses the sagging that comes with age, pregnancy and weight loss, so higher, perkier breasts can make you feel like you’re turning the clock back and regaining your confidence 

Let’s delve into the detail

As with every surgical procedure, it’s important that you’re aware of any potential risks that a breast lift surgery may pose, however small, so that you can weigh these up against the benefits that surgery can bring.  

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Your surgeon assistant and expert surgeon will be happy to discuss any possible complications and give you detailed information regarding the procedure. As a guide, these may include bleeding, infections, bruising, numbness, scars and rupture.

You, reimagined

You might be considering breast uplift surgery if you are unhappy with the sagging and ‘empty’ feeling of your breasts and you want them to be perkier and firmer. 

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It’s important to know that most surgeons are unlikely to perform breast uplift surgery if you are planning a pregnancy, as the finished result will be stretched again during the upcoming pregnancy. If you are currently breast feeding, then we recommend you wait at least 6 months after finishing before having your surgery so your breasts can return to their regular size.  

Weighing up the pros and cons is all part of the decision-making process and we’re here for you every step of the way.  

You so deserve this

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that each individual’s procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your own unique needs.

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Because of this, the breast uplift cost can vary, depending on the area/s you’re having treated. We place a great deal of importance on our free face to face, no obligation consultations, during which you can discuss your requirements with your surgeon assistant. They’ll provide a detailed overview of the breast uplift cost and the various payment plans we have available. As well as being able to pay for your procedure outright, you can choose to spread the cost over several years via our flexible finance plans. Please view our pricing and finance page to read more about these.

Fast Facts

Procedure Time: 2 – 4 Hours
Time Off Work: 2 Weeks
Hospital Stay: 2 Nights
Full Recovery: 6 Weeks
Compression Bra: 4 – 6 Weeks
Exercise: 6 Weeks
Scarring: Minimal
Final Results: Up To 6 Months

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Patient Stories

Amber Hazel-Heath

The surgery has genuinely changed my confidence completely. I’m not afraid to get undressed in front of my boyfriend, my mum, or my friends.

Patient Stories


Breast augmentation and uplift



Breast Uplift FAQs

More FAQs
How much does a breast uplift cost?

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that everyone’s procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your unique needs. Because of this, the cost of a breast uplift can vary.

How long does a breast uplift take?
Breast uplift surgery will take around two to four hours, and you’ll be put under general anaesthetic. You’ll need to stay in hospital for around two nights, where you’ll be under our high-quality care from our nursing team.
How long will I have to stay in hospital following my breast uplift?
You’ll probably need to stay in hospital for two nights. Your surgeon will check that you are recovering well before you return home.
When will I be able to see the results from my breast uplift?
Following breast uplift surgery, your breasts will initially be swollen, but the results will be visible straight away. Your breasts should appear in proportion to your body, whilst also appearing lifted and firmer. It may take a few months for your new breasts to settle into their new shape and for any swelling to subside. You can discuss the visual aspects with your surgeon during the free consultation.
What is the recovery time for a breast uplift?
You will be in our hospital for around two nights following the procedure, then we advise you take two weeks off work. At that point, you should be fit to do light activities and return to work, but strenuous exercise and heavy lifting must be avoided for six weeks. We recommend that you don’t drive until you feel comfortable wearing a seatbelt, and it’s best to check with your insurance policy provider to make sure you’re covered. You will be required to wear a support bra without any wiring to support your breasts while they heal - this is an important part of the healing process, and needs to be worn for six weeks.
Will my breasts lose sensitivity following an uplift?
As with any breast procedure that involves incisions, there is a risk of loss of sensitivity when you undergo breast lift surgery, but this can vary from patient to patient. Breast uplift surgery involves the remodelling of the breast tissue and therefore you could experience a change in sensitivity to the nipple area as a result.
Will a breast uplift leave visible scarring?
A breast uplift should leave minimal scarring, and these scars should fade over time. After the surgery, you will find the scars are red, but they should fade to a light pink over the course of 12 months. Efforts will always be made by your surgeon to keep scarring to a minimum.
Will I need any further surgery to retain the shape of my breasts?
Breast uplift surgery is designed to give you long-lasting results. However, over time, the force of gravity and the natural ageing process can cause your breasts to lose their fullness again. As with any surgical procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations, and you can discuss this with your surgeon before the breast uplift surgery.
Can I combine a breast uplift with another breast procedure?
Yes, a breast uplift is often combined with a breast enlargement or breast reduction, depending on your desired results. For a breast enlargement with an uplift, an implant is placed inside the breast tissue to create the appearance of fuller breasts. In the case of a reduction, breast tissue is removed before the skin is removed and tightened to complete the breast uplift.
Are there any age restrictions for breast uplift surgery?
Breast uplift procedures are most common in women who suffer a loss of elasticity and volume after childbirth, but if you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you can consider breast uplift surgery at any age over 18. Your surgeon will make the final decision with regard to eligibility for surgery.
Will I be able to breastfeed following a breast uplift?
As with most breast surgeries, there is a risk that breastfeeding could be affected due to gland or nerve damage during the procedure. Such risks and concerns will be discussed in depth by your surgeon at your initial consultation, and they will always strive to keep any damage to a minimum.

Next steps

Behind the scenes care to help you take centre stage

Your first appointment

The initial step is to talk to your surgeon assistant over the phone. You’ll be able to talk to them about why you’re considering a breast uplift, the likely costs and finance options, how much time you’ll probably need to take off work, and when you’d like to have the surgery. Whenever you decide to book a surgery date, you can secure it for a minimum refundable deposit of £500. If you feel ready, we’ll then book you in for your free consultation with one of our surgeons.

Your surgical consultation

At your free consultation, your surgeon will ask you about the results you want to achieve from the surgery. You can discuss how you’d like breasts to look, whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery, and the benefits and risks with no obligation to go ahead. This surgical consultation can be carried out either over video chat or in person at your local clinic.Our surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have.

They’ll look at your medical history and it’s wise to tell them about any pregnancy plans you have in the future or weight loss goals you have in mind. They’ll discuss the outcome you can anticipate as well as any potential complications involved in the breast lift procedure. If you feel ready to go ahead with booking surgery, they’ll refer you to a clinic nurse who’ll perform some pre-op tests and procedures.

The surgery

On the day of your surgery, you’ll meet with your surgeon so you can go through the consent form and ask any last-minute questions. You’ll then be introduced to the rest of your surgical team before going into theatre.

During the two-hour procedure, your surgeon will make several incisions in your breasts to remove and tighten the skin. The number of incisions will depend on your requirements; they are usually made around the areola and run vertically down the breast and occasionally along the crease of the breast. To get the results you’re looking for, you may have chosen to combine the breast uplift with a breast reduction or enlargement. Your nipples will then be re-positioned and the areola area around the nipple may be reduced in size to suit your new breast shape.


Following the procedure, you’ll need to stay in hospital for one to two nights, where you’ll receive the highest quality aftercare. Your breasts are likely to be swollen and feel tender to start with and it is normal to feel discomfort during the first 24 to 48 hours. There may also be some bruising at this stage. We’ll provide pain relief to help with any discomfort you may experience, but you should be up and around within 48 hours.

During the first two weeks you should notice reduced swelling, bruising, pain and discomfort. During this time, you will also have your stitches removed. Before you leave the hospital, we’ll talk to you about looking after yourself at home and make a follow-up appointment with your surgeon to remove your stitches. We’ll also give you the number for our 24/7 aftercare helpline so you can speak to a member of our clinical team, day or night.


We believe that the highest quality aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself, so we’re here to support you through the recovery period. You’ll need to give your body plenty of time to heal and we’ll give you detailed guidance on the best way to do this.

The recovery period will differ from person to person, but we recommend at least one week off work and in some cases two weeks may be necessary. You’ll need to wear a surgical bra for the first few days, and this will be replaced with a sports bra, which you should wear at all times during the recovery period. You should avoid any exercise and heavy or overhead lifting for six weeks, by which time you should have recovered from your breast uplift surgery. This is when you’ll be able to see the full results of your surgery. Any remaining scars usually fade significantly in the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can contact our 24/7 aftercare helpline. You’ll also have a series of follow-up appointments with the Transform team to make sure you’re healing well. All patients have access to our two-year aftercare programme as standard and you’ll have the option to extend by an additional three years.

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