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Time to focus on you

Abdominoplasty, or as it’s better known, a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that results in a smoother and firmer stomach. It is beneficial to patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and are left with loose skin, or are unhappy with the shape of their stomach after pregnancy.   

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This is a well-practiced surgical procedure designed to reshape the abdomen area. It usually involves removing fat, excess skin and stretch marks to tighten the appearance of the stomach. The underlying tendons and muscles can also be repaired during this procedure to show a firmer, tighter stomach.  

There are two types of abdominoplasty, a partial (mini) tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck, and you can discuss which one is right for you during your free surgical consultation.   

Enhance how you look, change how you feel

During your tummy tuck surgery, your stomach is completely reshaped and your overall silhouette is improved. The procedure can be used to remove loose and sagging skin as a result of significant weight loss. The pouch of fat that many women are left with after pregnancy can also be removed to re-tighten the area.  

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The surgery may involve repairing and retightening weak stomach muscles that have separated during pregnancy or weight gain. The results will be a flatter, tighter stomach overall, which allows you to wear fitted clothing more confidently. Many people say that having abdominoplasty surgery has increased their overall self-esteem.  

Let’s delve into the detail

If you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck, it’s important to have a full understanding of the risks and complications that may arise. While our expert surgeons have extensive expertise and years of experience in carrying out these procedures, all types of surgery carry a level of risk.  

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For a tummy tuck, you will be left with a scar running across your lower abdomen and, if you require a full abdominoplasty, a scar around your belly button. Scarring will be red and raised post-surgery but can be expected to start fading after around six weeks. After the procedure, you may have the sensation that your tummy is being pulled when you stand up, but this will improve after time. Pain and bruising are to be expected after the surgery, but there is also a risk of bleeding, numbness and infection. 

You, reimagined

An abdominoplasty can be the right option for some people, but it is not a substitute for diet and exercise.  

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The procedure is best to be performed on patients who are at a healthy, manageable weight, so that it is easier for them to maintain the results achieved after surgery.  

You so deserve this

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that each individual’s procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your own unique needs. Because of this, the tummy tuck cost can vary, depending on the area/s you’re having treated.  

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We place a great deal of importance on our free face to face, no obligation consultations, during which you can discuss your requirements with your surgeon assistant. They’ll provide a detailed overview of the surgery cost and the various payment plans we have available. As well as being able to pay for your procedure outright, you can choose to spread the cost over several years via our flexible finance plans. Please view our pricing and finance page to read more about these.  

And if you join our Membership programme, Transform Meyou’ll have access to exclusive discounts and offers relating to your treatments with us. 

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Patient Stories

Nicola Gaffey

Having lost quite a lot of weight a few years earlier, she decided that if she managed to keep it off, she would have surgery to remove all the excess skin that the weight loss had left.

Patient Stories

Katie Ryder

After Katie lost an incredible 12 stone with the aid of a gastric band in 2013, she had an amazing new body weight. But having excess skin and a reduced breast size because of the weight she’d lost meant that she still didn’t quite have the shape she’d dreamed of.

Patient Stories

Tammie Atkin

I went to the consultation with a long list of questions and she gave me as much time as I needed. Then I went back to see the surgeon, also with a massive list



Tummy Tuck FAQs

More FAQs
How much does a tummy tuck cost?
As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that everyone’s procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your unique needs. Because of this, the cost of a tummy tuck can vary, depending whether you choose a partial or full abdominoplasty. Your free consultation with our surgeon assistant means you can talk though the payment plans we have available. As well as being able to pay for your procedure outright, you can choose to spread the abdominoplasty tuck cost over several years via our flexible finance plans, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
How long does a tummy tuck take?
The abdominoplasty procedure will take around three hours, and you’ll be put under general anaesthetic. You’ll need to stay in one of our specialist hospitals for at least two nights where our nurses will take care of you.
How long will it take me to recover after a tummy tuck?
The recovery time after a tummy tuck is initially six weeks, so we advise that you take up to six weeks off work. After your surgery you will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours. We advise that you don’t drive for two weeks and check with your insurance provider that you’re covered after surgery. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for up to 12 weeks to make sure there is no strain on the scar.
How long will I have to stay in hospital?
You will stay in hospital for at least two nights. Our surgeons and nurses will take care of you during your stay and we’ll ensure you feel well enough before returning home.
How long after the tummy tuck will I start to see results?
You should expect to see the results of the procedure around six weeks after surgery. You’ll initially have swelling and bruising from the procedure and will need to wear a compression garment for the six-week period after surgery to help your newly toned stomach recover.
What is a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck is a form of cosmetic surgery which is designed to make the abdomen appear slimmer and firmer. The technical term for tummy tuck is abdominoplasty and it typically involves removing excess or loose skin that can’t be reduced through exercise. Most women seek abdominoplasty post-pregnancy or after weight loss if they feel they have excess loose skin. It’s important to note that tummy tucks are not a weight loss solution and they won’t replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Is tummy tuck surgery safe?
If you’re considering undergoing the procedure, it’s important to understand the tummy tuck risks and side effects. While this surgery is commonly performed by our expert surgeons, all types of surgery carry a level of risk. For an abdominoplasty, these can include bruising, infection, bleeding after surgery and irregularities of the skin. Your patient advisor will go through all the risks associated with tummy tuck surgery, providing you with a detailed guide and answering any questions you may have.
Do you offer tummy tuck financing options?
We understand that there’ s a lot to consider when it comes to abdominoplasty surgery, including how to pay for your tummy tuck. The cost of your procedure will be fully explained to you during your consultation, and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed. As well as the option to pay for your procedure outright, we offer a number of tummy tuck financing options, including a 0% interest finance plan which requires a minimum £500 deposit, and then 12 monthly instalments. We also offer loan plans over 12, 24 or 36 months at 16.9% APR. All tummy tuck financing options are subject to individual status and applicants must meet the eligibility criteria – you can find out more on our finance page. Our finance options are provided by Omni Capital Retail Finance Ltd who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
What happens in a tummy tuck procedure?
What happens during your tummy tuck procedure will depend on the type of surgery you’re having. Whether you decide to go for a standard ‘full’ tummy tuck or a modified ‘mini’ tummy tuck, your surgeon will discuss the best method with you to help you achieve your desired goals. During the tummy tuck operation, a curved incision is made along the base of your abdomen, and excess skin and fat is removed. The remaining skin is pulled back into place and incisions are closed with stitches. During the procedure, your surgeon will also make a second incision to re-position your belly button.
How will I feel after surgery?
Your tummy will feel sore after surgery, and you should expect to see some bruising and swelling for a few weeks following your procedure. We’ll provide you with pain relief during your hospital stay and also advise on managing any discomfort and how to reduce swelling after your tummy tuck.
When can I return to work after my abdominoplasty?
Tummy tuck recovery times vary from person to person. We usually advise you to take between two to three weeks off work, depending on how physically demanding your job is. Your surgeon will discuss this with you and advise on when returning to your job after your tummy tuck is appropriate in line with your occupation.
When can I do exercise after a tummy tuck?
You’ll need to refrain from exercising after tummy tuck surgery for at least six weeks to allow your body to heal. We recommend resting as much as you can to aid your tummy tuck recovery and get help around the house to reduce the likelihood of over-exertion.
Will I have any tummy tuck scars following surgery?
There will be some visible tummy tuck scars following surgery which are usually across the lower abdomen. Most people find that this scarring can be hidden by underwear and over time, it will fade. How long tummy tuck scars take to fade varies, but it can take up to a year after surgery before you can see the final appearance of your scar.

Next steps

Behind the scenes care to help you take centre stage

Your first appointment

The first step is to talk to your surgeon assistant over the phone. You’ll be able to talk to them about why you’re considering abdominoplasty surgery, the likely tummy tuck price and finance options, how much time you’ll probably need to take off work, and when you’d like to have the surgery. Whenever you decide to book a surgery date, you can secure it for a minimum refundable deposit of £500. If you feel ready, we’ll then book you in for your free consultation with one of our expert GMC-registered surgeons.

Your surgical consultation

At your free consultation, your surgeon will ask you about the results you want to achieve from your tummy tuck operation. You can discuss every aspect of the abdominoplasty, from the surgical methods and recovery time to the benefits and risks, with no obligation to go ahead. This surgical consultation can be carried out either over video chat or in person at your local clinic. This surgical consultation can be carried out either over video chat or in person at your local clinic. There are a few different types of surgery, including standard - or ‘full’ - tummy tucks and modified – ‘mini’ tummy tucks – so your surgeon will talk to you about the method that will best help you achieve your goals.

Abdominoplasty is a major procedure and it’s important to be fully informed about the process, the operation and the results you can realistically expect, so please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have. Our surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and happy to provide any information you need. If you feel ready to go ahead and book your surgery, they’ll then refer you to a clinic nurse who’ll a thorough pre-operative assessment and carry out any necessary investigations to ensure your fitness to proceed with the surgery.

The surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and you’ll need to stay in hospital for at least two nights after surgery. On the day of your surgery, you’ll meet with your surgeon so you can go through the consent form and ask any last-minute questions. You’ll then be introduced to the rest of your surgical team before going into theatre.

During the three hour procedure, your surgeon will use either a standard or modified tummy tuck method depending on your needs, which they will have discussed with you in advance. For a standard or “full” tummy tuck, a long incision is made into the abdomen running above the pubic area in a curved shape, and a second incision is made to remove your belly button. Your surgeon will then pull your tummy muscles back together and stitch them in place. Excess fat is removed, and your belly button repositioned before any excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is pulled into place, with the incisions closed with stitches. For a modified or “mini” abdominoplasty, excess fat and skin is removed from below your belly button and the muscles tightened, but the belly button remains in place.


You’ll stay in hospital for at least two nights following your tummy tuck procedure. Our staff members are specially trained in cosmetic surgery patient care and are friendly and approachable, striving to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. We’ll be here throughout the tummy tuck recovery process to help you recuperate quickly and safely. Your tummy is likely to be sore and swollen after surgery and you’ll be fitted with a tight-fitting support garment. This will help with the healing process, though you will have bruising and swelling for a few weeks.

Before you go home, your nurse will talk to you about essential tummy tuck aftercare, including the importance of wearing the compression garment, how to take care of your stitches and the practicalities of hygiene and bathing. We’ll also make an appointment for you to see your surgeon again within two weeks to remove your stitches and check on your progress.


We believe that the highest quality aftercare is just as important as the abdominoplasty surgery itself, so we’re here to support you. You’ll need to give your body plenty of time to heal and we’ll give you detailed guidance on the best way to do this. You’ll have a further post-op appointment so we can check that you’re healing well and are happy with the results. When your compression garment is removed you should see an immediate improvement, though it may take a few more months for your tummy to settle completely into its new toned state.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can contact our 24/7 helpline phone number. For your peace of mind, all cosmetic surgery patients have access to our two-year aftercare programme.

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