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Vaser liposuction, or Vaser lipo for short, is a modern fat removal procedure that offers a less invasive, less painful method than traditional liposuction. Recovery time is also reduced.  

Vaser’ stands for vibration amplification of sound energy on resonanceDuring treatment, Vaser lipo amplifies the natural vibration of fat cells in the body to break down stubborn, unwanted fat.  

There are two methods of Vaser liposuction: the surgical method for large body areas, and the less invasive non-surgical liposuction method for small areas. The best technique for you will depend on the area you’re having treated, the amount of fat to be removed and your medical history. Your surgeon/doctor will advise you as to which is the best option for you. 

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Surgical Vaser liposuction 

Vaser surgery is typically used for areas of stubborn fat in the arms, thighs, stomach, bottom, hips, chin or knees. The procedure may involve small incisions and is often carried out under general anaesthetic. 

Non-surgical Vaser liposuction 

Non-surgical Vaser liposuction can be used on multiple areas of the body and can be performed under local anaesthetic, rather than a general anaesthetic. It’s typically used for areas that are likely to store fat such as the tummy, abdomen, ‘love handles’, back, thighs, arms and chin, but can be used on a number of different areas in a single procedure. 

Enhance how you look, change how you feel

The Vaser procedure is powerful enough to tackle larger areas of fat, for example on the tummy, flanks or thighs, but is also precise enough to work in delicate areas like the neck to redefine natural features. The precision of the procedure by our highly experienced surgeons and doctors means that a smooth, sculpted effect is achieved, redefining your natural contours and shape.

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Minimal downtime and a speedy recovery are also huge benefits to Vaser lipo, as the procedure can be performed quickly and there are no overnight stays required. It is also considered less painful as the procedure in minimally invasive. 

Let’s delve into the detail

If you’re thinking about having Vaser lipo, it’s important to have a full understanding of the risks, complications and potential side effects that may arise. While our surgeons and doctors have a huge amount of expertise and experience, all types of surgery and procedures carry a level of risk.

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For Vaser liposuction these include bruising, loose skin, infection, bleeding and irregularities of the skin. Your surgeon assistant will go through all the details and answer any questions you have, as well as providing you with a guide.

You, reimagined

Vaser lipo is not a substitute for diet and exercise, but will assist in removing problem areas of fat. Vaser liposuction is an alternative when other methods of weight loss have been tried and stubborn areas of fat are resisting. It is ideal to be at your optimum weight prior to the procedure so that maintaining the results is easier. 

You so deserve this

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that each patients procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your unique needs. Because of this, the Vaser lipo cost can vary, depending on the area(s) you’re having treated. We place a great deal of importance on our free face-to-face, no-obligation consultations, during which you can discuss your requirements with your surgeon assistant. They’ll then provide a detailed overview of the Vaser liposuction cost and the various payment plans we have available. As well as being able to pay for your procedure outright, you can choose to spread the Vaser lipo cost over several years via our flexible finance plans. Please view our pricing and finance page to read more about our flexible credit options.  

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Vaser Liposuction FAQs

More FAQs
What’s the difference between liposuction and Vaser liposuction?

Traditional liposuction uses a laser pulse or pressurised water jet to break up the fat cells. The surgeon would then insert a suction tube called a cannula to remove the fat, then stitch up the area.

Another type of liposuction know as Vaser lipo uses targeted ultrasound technology, making it easier to remove the fat without disrupting surrounding cells or tissue. Vaser lipo means smaller incisions are made to suction the fat cells, and these often don’t require stitches. For surgical Vaser lipo, you will need around four to five days before you can return to work for non-physical work, whereas non-surgical Vaser lipo is even less invasive and so you need very little recovery time.

What areas can be treated with Vaser lipo?

Vaser lipo can treat any area of the body, but popular areas are the male chest, stomach, ‘love handles’, buttocks, thighs, knees and chin. Multiple areas can be treated during one procedure. Your surgeon or surgeon assistant will advise the best course of action for treating multiple parts of the body.

After Vaser liposuction will the fat move to other areas?
The fat cells that have been removed will be permanently gone from the area that has been treated but, ideally, you’ll maintain your weight post-procedure to prevent new fat cells from growing. Having the surgery at your optimum and manageable weight is recommended to prevent weight gain after your treatment.
How much does Vaser liposuction cost?

As a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, we understand that everyone’s procedure is different, so our treatment plans are tailored specifically around your unique needs. Because of this, the vaser liposuction pricing can vary, depending on the areas you’re having treated. 

How safe is Vaser liposuction compared to traditional liposuction?
Vaser liposuction is a safer alternative for fat removal as the method used is significantly less invasive than traditional liposuction. As with all surgery, there are risks involved which we will talk you through during your consultation before you make your decision regarding Vaser lipo.
What is Vaser liposuction?
Vaser lipo is a fat removal procedure that uses ultrasound technology to target unwanted fat cells. It offers an easy way for the surgeon to remove fat without causing bleeding or performing invasive surgery, making it a popular choice among women who aspire to a more sculptured physique. At Transform, we offer two different types of Vaser liposuction – Vaser surgery and non-surgical Vaser lipo. During your consultation, your surgeon will be able to discuss the right option for you depending on the area you’d like treated and the results you’d like to achieve.
What does vaser liposuction involve?
Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound to target the fat cells, which is an easier way for the surgeon to remove fat without bleeding or invasive surgery.
What are the benefits of Vaser liposuction?
Vaser lipo is a highly effective way to reduce the amount of fat in stubborn areas and deliver a better reduction of the skin. One of the main benefits of Vaser liposuction is it requires minimal invasion, so bruising, bleeding and scarring is often reduced compared to traditional liposuction. It’s suitable for both large and small parts of the body, and our surgeons may be able to work on multiple areas during one procedure. Another benefit of our non-invasive Vaser lipo method is that it can be performed using local anaesthetic – meaning recovery time is quicker and you may be discharged from our clinic earlier than you would following general anaesthetic.
Who makes a good candidate for Vaser liposuction?
If you have some localised areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise, Vaser liposuction may be suitable. During your consultation, you can discuss why you’re interested in having Vaser lipo, the results you’d like and your medical history with your surgeon. They’ll then let you know if they think this is the right procedure for you and whether Vaser surgery or the non-invasive method would be most suitable.
How long does Vaser liposuction take?
Vaser liposuction usually takes between one and three hours, depending on how much fat has to be removed and the area being treated.
What are the benefits of vaser liposuction?
Vaser liposuction will reduce the amount of fat in stubborn areas and deliver a better reduction of the skin.
What is the maximum amount of fat that can be removed during Vaser lipo?
This can be anything between three and four litres of fat per operation. For anything more than this, we would recommend multiple surgeries.
What are the risks and complications of Vaser liposuction?
If you’re thinking about having Vaser, it’s important to have a full understanding of the risks and complications that may arise. While our expert surgeons have a huge amount of expertise and experience with these procedures, all types of surgery carry a level of risk. For Vaser liposuction these include bruising, loose skin, infection, bleeding after surgery, and irregularities of the skin. Your surgeon assistant will go through all the details and answer any questions you have, as well as providing you with a guide.
Will I have to stay in hospital following Vaser liposuction?
This will depend on the type of Vaser liposuction you choose to have. For instance, if you have non-invasive Vaser lipo and a local anaesthetic, you may be able to return home the same day. On the other hand, if you have a long surgery under general anaesthetic, you may need to stay overnight in one of our purpose-built hospitals − but rest assured, they have the highest quality facilities and are all CQC registered. We’ll discuss what we think is best with you before we book your surgery.
How long will I need off work after Vaser fat removal surgery?
The amount of time it takes you to recover following Vaser fat removal surgery will depend on several factors, such as the type of anaesthetic you had and the area you had treated. Usually, the recovery time after Vaser liposuction is quite quick and you should be able to go back to work after a few days.
What level of pain can I expect during and after the procedure?
You will either be given a local or general anaesthetic for your Vaser liposuction, so you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. It’s likely you’ll be a bit sore during your recovery, but any pain can be controlled, and we’ll discuss aftercare with you during your consultation. Of course, different people have different thresholds of pain, but usually Vaser liposuction recovery isn’t particularly painful.
Will I need to wear a pressure garment and for how long?
Yes, you will need to wear a pressure garment post-surgery for between two and six weeks, depending on the advice of your surgeon. This is an essential part of the healing process following your Vaser lipo, and your nurse will talk you through how to wear it and other aftercare tips before you head home.
What will the Vaser lipo scars be like?
Typically, Vaser lipo scars are small (just a few millimetres in length) and generally fade within a few months.
What happens if I gain wait after Vaser surgery?
If you gain weight after Vaser liposuction, the area treated can also gain some of this weight. However, if you keep to a healthy lifestyle and diet, you can continue to have the same results post-treatment. It’s important to note that Vaser lipo is not intended as a quick fix for weight loss and should be undertaken when you’re at your optimal weight.
Does Vaser lipo tighten skin?
Many of our patients ask “does Vaser lipo tighten skin?” and while it does help to firm looseness, it cannot effectively remove large areas of excess skin. If this is a concern for you, you can discuss this with your surgeon assistant or surgeon who’ll be happy to recommend the right course of treatment.
How much does vaser lipo cost uk?

If you are wondering how much vaser lipo costs in the UK, fill out our price checker form and we will be able to provide you with a detailed price breakdown.

Next steps

Behind the scenes care, to help you take centre stage

Your first appointment

The initial part of your journey with Transform is to speak to your surgeon assistant on the phone. You can talk to them about why you’re considering fat removal, the likely Vaser liposuction cost, available finance options, how much time you’ll probably need to take off work, and when you’d like to have the procedure. If you choose to have treatment and you feel ready, we’ll then book you in for your free consultation with one of our surgeons. Whenever you decide to book a surgery date, you can secure it for a minimum refundable deposit of £500.

Your surgical consultation

At your free consultation, your surgeon will ask you about the results you want to achieve from the fat removal surgery. You can discuss every aspect of your Vaser liposuction, from the technique used and recovery time to the benefits and risks, with no obligation to go ahead. This surgical consultation can be carried out either over video chat or in person at your local clinic. Our surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have. Depending on the area you’re having treated, the amount of fat to be removed and your medical history, your surgeon will discuss the best technique for you. If you feel ready to go ahead and book your fat removal surgery, they’ll then refer you to a clinic nurse who’ll perform some pre-op tests and procedures.

The surgery

On the day of your fat removal surgery, you’ll meet with your surgeon so you can go through the consent form and ask any last-minute questions. Non-surgical Vaser liposuction can usually be performed under local anaesthetic. The advanced ultrasound technology we use allows us to effectively break down fat cells without affecting other cells that vibrate at different frequencies. The liquefied fat cells are then removed from the body using a gentle suction process.

The procedure is less invasive than normal liposuction, which means that only small incisions are made to remove the broken-down fat cells. These incisions are typically too small to require stitches. Typically, only one treatment of Vaser lipo is required and this usually takes between one and three hours, depending on the number of areas that you want to treat. Vaser surgery is typically used to remove fat from larger body areas, for example, stubborn fat in arms, thighs, stomach, bottom, hips, chin or knees. The procedure may involve small incisions and is often carried out under general anaesthetic.


We’ll be here throughout the recovery process to help you recuperate quickly and safely. Vaser liposuction patients often experience a shorter recovery time than with traditional liposuction because the procedure is less invasive. If you have a local anaesthetic, you can usually return home the same day. With a general anaesthetic, and often with fat removal surgery, an overnight stay in hospital may be needed. Your surgeon will check that you’re properly recovered before discharging you. Before you go home, your nurse will talk to you about the importance of wearing a compression garment during the day for between two and six weeks following the procedure. Usually, you can return to non-physical work after three to four days


We believe that the highest quality aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself, so we’re here to support you. With Vaser liposuction, there may be less scarring and bruising than with traditional liposuction, so visible results can be seen more quickly. However, the improved overall appearance of the treated areas will become apparent in the months following the Vaser lipo procedure. If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can contact our 24/7 helpline. You’ll also have a follow-up appointment with the Transform team to make sure you’re healing well. For your peace of mind, all cosmetic surgery patients have access to our two-year aftercare programme.

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