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Laser Eye Surgery

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what is leser eye surgery

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

am i suitable for leser eye surgery

Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

how much does leser eye surgery

How much does Laser Surgery Cost?


What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Liberate yourself from glasses and contact lenses with the transformative power of laser eye surgery. This simple procedure, taking mere seconds to a few minutes, caters to your specific vision needs, be it correcting short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

Harnessing the precision of an advanced laser, this innovative technique delicately refines the shape of your eye’s surface (cornea), addressing its minute imperfections.

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Witness the astonishing recovery speed as patients embrace a life liberated from the confines of eyewear, rejoicing in newfound visual clarity, with some patients experiencing 20/20 vision the same day.

Experience the awe-inspiring enhancements brought about by laser eye surgery, where your vision undergoes a remarkable transformation.

This is the safest medical procedure on earth with over 35 million procedures performed in the last 30 years.

Am I Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

The vast majority of our patients that attend a consultation are, however, it is important to have a specialist eye examination by an experienced refractive optometrist to determine your suitability.

How much does Laser Surgery Cost?

This is dependent on the consultation and leading technology from scans that are performed on your eyes including the recommendation as to what treatment is best for you, there are several different types of laser eye surgery that will be explained to you by your optometrist and eye surgeon.

Fast Facts

Procedure Time: Less than 90 seconds per eye
Time off Work: 2-3 days
Hospital Stay: Day Case
Full Recovery: 1-2 weeks
Exercise: No lifting for 2 weeks
In theatre: 10-20 minutes

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Patient Stories

Sarah Davies

Sarah always struggled with poor vision and relied on glasses and contact lenses. She recalls, "Wearing corrective eyewear provided temporary relief, but deep down, I knew it wasn't a permanent solution. I felt hindered by my dependence on them, and it affected my confidence and social interactions"



Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

More FAQs
What happens after I have Laser Eye Surgery?

The most common laser eye surgery LASIK after this you will need a lift to get home, you will typically rest your eyes or sleep for a couple of hours afterwards, you will be provided with goggles to sleep in for a week, but typically your vision will return to 20/20 the day after your procedure. There will be a period of pain and discomfort managed by pain killers only and this will typically last for a couple of hours to a couple of days. Your optometrist may clear you to drive the day after your procedure.

Do I need to take medication after having Laser Eye Surgery?

You will typically use drops for around 7 days after your surgery these are anti-inflammatory antibiotic and lubricating drops. These lubricating drops can be commonly prescribed for a period of months after surgery.

How long will I experience discomfort after laser eye surgery?

This can be anywhere between 2 hrs to 2 days but longer for patients experiencing dryness symptoms or for those patients having a LASEK procedure.

How quickly can I expect to see results with laser eye surgery?

Some patient experience 20/20 vision the same day with most achieving full visual recovery within the first 7 days. This is delayed for LASEK patients.

Will I need further treatments?

Potentially, most patients who are over 30 years of age never need a further procedure, however a small number of all patients require a revision – top up procedure also called an enhancement to get the fully desired visual outcome this is typically less than 5% of patients.

Next steps

Your first appointment

This will last around 90 minutes and include a short form filling exercise for your previous and current ocular and health conditions.

Free Consultation

Whilst the consultation is free most of our patients proceed to have a vested interest in proceeding with treatment and many report to have life changing outcomes.

The Surgery

On the day of surgery having met with your surgeon at least one week prior you will typically have a repeat of your ocular scans a final vision check and a final review with your surgeon as part of your consenting ‘journey’.

The surgery procedure lasts only a number of seconds, but you will be in the operating theatre for between 10-20 minutes. After eyes drops have been instilled to numb the eye a small amount of pressure will be felt on the eye as we keep the eye in situ, an incision will be made into the cornea by one of a multitude of methods after which the corneal flap can be moved to one side to allow for the ablation of corneal tissue which in turns improves visual clarity. The corneal flap will be gently folded back into place, suction removed, and you will be asked to close your eyes to help settle the flap back into position. Shortly afterwards you will be able to open your eyes, everything will be slightly fuzzy as though you are under water, but you will be able to make your own way into the recovery room where you can sit for 10 minutes until your nurse advice you of your post operative advice and drops regimen. You will then be able to go home with your designated driver after your surgeon has done a final check to ensure your flap is settled and there is no debris or post operative concern.

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