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Gastric Balloon

A complete weight loss programme involving a 15-minute procedure with no anaesthesia or endoscopy. If you'd like to lose weight without surgery and maintain your weight loss, the Gastric Balloon could be right for you.

Plus a guaranteed 10% weight loss in just 16 weeks, speak to a weight loss expert today to discover more.

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What is the Gastric Balloon?

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How does it work?

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What are the benefits of the Gastric Balloon Programme?

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What's included on the Gastric Balloon Programme?

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Are there any risks?

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Is it right for me?




What is the Gastric Balloon?

The Gastric Balloon is a soft balloon made of polyurethane material, which is placed in your stomach during your short appointment visit.

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During their 15-minute outpatient visit, the patient swallows a capsule containing the deflated Gastric Balloon and a thin tube. An x-ray will confirm that the balloon is in the stomach, and then the balloon is filled with 550ml of liquid via the tube. Another x-ray confirms that the balloon is completely filled in the stomach. The tube is gently removed, and you can then leave the clinic.

How does it work?

By taking up space in your stomach, the balloon helps to encourage weight loss. It makes you feel fuller, keeps food in your stomach longer, and reduces the amount of food you can eat at each meal. After around 16 weeks, the balloon empties and passes naturally.

What are the benefits of the Gastric Balloon Programme?

The Gastric Balloon is the first Gastric Balloon that does not require surgery, endoscopy or anaesthetic while being placed or removed. Instead, patients swallow a capsule containing the deflated balloon and a thin tube.

What's included on the Gastric Balloon Programme?

The full programme includes a Connected Scale, Health Tracker, and App to support you on your weight loss journey.

Are there any risks?

During your consultations with your expert healthcare advisor, any risks will be discussed and you will be able to talk through any concerns you may have.

Is it right for me?

The Gastric Balloon may be right for you if you struggle to lose weight, if you find it difficult to keep weight that you have lost off, and if you are looking to change your lifestyle habits for the long term.


As a responsible healthcare provider, we know that every procedure we carry out should be tailor-made to your individual needs. At your free consultation, we will discuss the Gastric Balloon treatment with you and advise you as to the cost of your treatment.

5 things you didn't know about the Gastric Balloon

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Gastric Balloon FAQs

Weight management is complex. The human body is pre-programmed to maintain weight, so losing weight and keeping it off can feel impossible. Speak to us about how we can help.

More FAQs
Will I be able to swallow the balloon?

99.9% of patients who have Gastric Balloon treatment are successful in swallowing the gastric balloon pill. If you find this challenging, the tube can be gently stiffened with a thin wire to help guide the capsule into place.

Will I be able to feel the balloon once it's placed?

Although some people can feel the balloon when it is placed, most become accustomed to it and, in time, forget that it is there.

What is inside the balloon?

The Gastric Balloon is filled with 550 millilitres of water.

When can I return to my normal daily activities after the Gastric Balloon is placed?

In most cases, patients can return to their usual activities after a day or two, although some people may experience longer side effects. Therefore, it’s best to take a few days off work after the balloon is placed, or arrange your appointment for the day before you have planned days off work, e.g. the weekend.

Are there dietary restrictions related to the Gastric Balloon?

Before your Gastric Balloon treatment and as you adapt to its placement, it’s recommended that you make changes to the way you eat and you will be given specific recommendations regarding this. However, it isn’t necessary to make substantial changes immediately – setting yourself smaller goals will help you change your habits gradually.

How is the balloon removed?

The balloon contains a time-activated release valve. Approximately 16 weeks after placement, the valve opens and lets the balloon pass naturally through your gastrointestinal tract. There is no requirement for a removal procedure.*

*In rare cases, endoscopic or surgical intervention may be required for removal.

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