08 September 2021

Heather's Story

Heather had considered having a breast augmentation for a long time. In 2007, she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and through lack of proper nourishment, dropped down to below 5 stone. Through hard work and lots of dedication, she managed to pull her weight back to healthy levels, but even after having her two children, her breast size never naturally grew any bigger than an A cup.  

“2020 was a difficult year for lots of us,” Heather says. “I decided that I wanted something good to come out of it after all. I researched the breast augmentation procedure, and with recommendations from friends, chose to have my surgery with Transform.” 

Heather had breast enlargement surgery in October 2020. It took place while certain Covid restrictions were in place, meaning that she wasn’t able to have anyone to accompany her. Despite this, she says that she felt at home at The Pines Hospital in Manchester. “Everyone was so lovely. They looked after me amazingly well, and even though I couldn’t have family with me, they looked after me amazingly well.”  

In the months since her surgery, Heather hasn’t looked back. “I feel amazing,” she smiles. “I had wanted this for so long, and my confidence has absolutely shot up! I love being able to shop for clothes – my new shape has opened a whole new range of styles for me.  

“I went from a bra cup size A to a DD, so I particularly enjoy shopping for new lingerie now. I can wear bras with no underwire, and I had no idea how much more comfortable they are!” 

When asked if there’s any advice she would give to someone considering breast surgery, Heather says, “Just go for it! Do your research, make sure you know what you want, and then do it. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.”  

Heather’s confidence was transformed by her breast enlargement. If you’d like to start your own breast surgery journey, click the link below and get in touch today. 

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